GoldenRace is the creator of high-quality virtual sports games, in addition to lottery-type number games. Their latest addition to the growing portfolio are Crash Games, which have been growing in popularity in the last few years. In each of these areas the company provides substantially high-quality, from graphics and animations to detailed gameplay.

Established in 2006 and with offices located in Europe and South America, the team is a true multinational provider with a presence in hundreds of online casinos. On top of this, they hold licenses in the important jurisdictions of the UK and Malta, together with certifications for several minor jurisdictions. Part of the Softquo Holding family of companies, they also offer platform services and products.

Crash Games

Crash games only became a reality around 2019, when Jet X, considered the first of its kind, was released. These games originally featured mostly in crypto gambling casinos, not making it to mainstream online casinos until a few years later. So far GoldenRace has produced a single game in this category, together with their sister-brand Spinmatic, called Meteoroid.

The basic gameplay loop of crash games is simple…

…yet extremely exciting. It differs a lot from normal casino games, including table games, slots, live casino games, or bingo products. This is because it offers one crucial element that is often missing: player agency. It is entirely up to the player when he cashes out. Note that this doesn’t mean the game ends. On the contrary, the excitement comes from cashing out before the game ends, as when the object of betting finally crashes, all bets are lost.

These games also offer something else, which is social gaming. Surprisingly, crash games are extremely popular amongst gambling streamers, and perhaps one of the few forms of social media where this type of content has proven to gain viewers.

This social aspect appears in a very simple way: you can see when other players cash out. Or redeem their wins in other words. No doubt this is part of the experience. As you see more and more players drop out and collect their wins, it becomes evermore nerve-wracking to keep the bet going. The experience is entirely different from your usual slots, where you simply roll the reels and hope for a big prize.

With prizes that can reach up to one thousand times the bet, these games aren’t entirely without big wins either. On the other hand, previously played rounds often show up in statistics, which can either hint at large multipliers to come, or tell you what is likely to happen most often.

And so, how does the game work? Very simply. You place your bet before the game starts. When the round begins, an object, which can be anything from airplanes to meteors, supermen, or a simple point, starts moving on the screen. As it moves, the multiplier increases. At any moment, even at the very beginning, the player can cash out and collect his wins. Likewise, at any moment, even at the very beginning the object can crash and end the game.

Number Games

Number games are another category where GoldenRace has been active lately. Whilst both the above and these games are still secondary to their main product, they show promise at presenting the sort of games you don’t usually get your hands on.

Now, that also includes some pretty standard games, such as Keno or Keno Deluxe. These offer simple setups, where you just choose different numbers, and wait to see if all or part of them are drawn from the pool of available numbers.

Spin2Win is a take on European and American roulette, with a deluxe version that allows for more complex betting patterns. Perfect6 on the other hand seems like a simple game, but offers complexity via different bonuses and extra wins, including jackpots. Colour Colour is perhaps the most interesting of all, especially as it can be customized to each casinos own needs.

Virtual Sports

This is the main product from GoldenRace, offering players the chance to bet on a variety of virtual sports games. All games offer either animated streams, or footage from real events. The interface is built to emulate a real sports betting site, and this also includes the possibility to lay several different bets. Some games also offer the possibility for live bets, together with cash outs in the middle of the event.

We touch more on the subject in our GoldenRace software review, as the system is based on a wholesale product more so than single games.

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