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GoldenRace is a division of Virtual Gaming Technologies, itself part of Softquo Holdings. The whole concentrates on all parts of online casino gaming, from sports betting to online slots. Virtual sports, lottery games, and crash games are the responsibility of this division, and they have achieved considerable success in it.

Established in 2006, the team has a long history in the field. Not only are the products available online, but they can be incorporated into land-based shops as well. They operate from several locations such as Malta, Switzerland, Spain, and Columbia.

Number and Crash Games

These are the two emerging areas of interest for the company. Number games are based on lottery, which includes games like keno and bingo. These games rely on simple gameplay, though often allowing for a variety of different betting options. This makes the wins range far and wide, depending on the type of risk you are aiming for.

Crash games in turn are even simpler. In theory, you are not even betting on an outcome. All you need to do is decide where and when you are going to cash out your bet. This very simplistic gameplay delivers some of the most intriguing thrills, whilst at the same time allowing the player a degree of control that is missing in most casino games.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports have been around for a long time, emerging as early as the 1960s. Of course, these early games were very simple computer games. It wasn’t until the emergence of the internet in the 1990s, and the subsequent era of online casinos that the games started becoming more and more popular.

One would think these games would compete with sports betting, and have a distinctive disadvantage in that, but this doesn’t happen to be the case. Instead, these games easily stand on their own and complement the selection.

Virtual Sports Games Available

GoldenRace offers a wide variety of games for players to enjoy. These are based on popular and historic games, some with their own twists and turns. In addition, the games can be divided into live and scheduled betting. The former allows the player the choice of when and where to bet, and to run the games at their own pace. The latter in turn has the casino decide the course of the event. Not to worry, this usually means that different races are run every few minutes, with the bets placed beforehand.

Currently, you can bet on the following games:

  • Virtual Football

Probably the most extensive selection of virtual leagues to bet on available from any producer. Various bet types, live events, and tournaments to choose from.

  • MMA

Fighting sports with footage modeled from authentic fights, dynamic odds and multiple rounds in the cage. Authentic and immersive experience.

  • Trotting, Greyhound, and Horse Racing

Available via events or instant sport, these games offer some of the most historic betting sports to exist. Both virtual and pre-recorded races ensure moments full of entertainment and excitement.

  • Various motorsports

From dirt tracks to kart racing and Grand Prix, these events offer a variety of bets based on placement. Simple and fun, especially with pre-recorded live footage.

  • 3x3 Basketball

One of the most popular sports, simplified into a quick game. Pre-recorded footage from professionals is combined with live betting and cash-out options. Worth a check for anyone interested in sports.


GoldenRace belongs to a family of popular brands, each of which does their job exceedingly well. These games are popular both as stand-alone products, and when implemented via their own platform. The sister brands include Spinmatic for online slots, TVBet for live casino, and Novusbet for sportsbook products.

The area this company is concentrated on doesn’t have all that many competitors, not in virtual sports nor number games and crash games. Whilst the latter two currently offer only a few choices, it’s easy to see that this selection is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. When it comes to virtual sports the depth these games offer is comparable to that of actual sports betting, topped with the element of being able to choose when and where to play at your own leisurely pace.

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