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Back in 2016, four entertaining veterans decided to sail off into the gaming business with the goal to bring something completely to the table. They founded the Pirates Gold Studios and started to plunder the best talents in the industry. 

… this provider can proudly stand beside the igaming leaders. Its tendency to bring back originality has shown that players were eager for something out-of-the-box.
The unique and innovative games with quite unusual themes are becoming instant hits as soon as they hit the market. 

Pirates Gold Studios slots are one-of-a-kind and don’t leave anyone indifferent. Their themes can look a bit strange, but they are never plain or repetitive. Anybody who enjoys this type of game should really try out their demo versions and experience their outstanding quality.

The anchors of success

Anyone who wants to steer its company in the current of success has to have a good base to hold on to. Anchoring its business strategy on a strong foundation has helped this developer to navigate through the igaming sea. 

The three pillars dictating the game development for the studio are:

  • Innovation – Being original and bringing something new to the table is the main focus of the brand. That involves out-of-the-box themes, implementing new technology upgrades into their products and creating engaging special features which add thrill to the gameplay. 
  • Creativity – While some of the gaming leaders like Microgaming do pay attention to the themes of their slots, most games don’t have the elaborate backstories. In the case of this studio, the story is the backbone of each release. Interesting theme combined with astonishing visuals capture the attention of the players, while the exciting gameplay makes it to take another spin. 
  • Great playing experience – The popularity of the studio’s products speaks volume about the quality of the playing experience. Since the team has a lot of knowledge about the industry, it tends to focus on creating games for the angle of the player, allowing the maximum enjoyment in the gameplay.

A game portfolio doesn’t stretch for miles, but it is quite exquisite

Diversity in the game selection didn’t the distinctive feature of this provider. Players can only choose from the small number of slots, while table and live dealer games aren’t the part of the product offer.

The modest collection might be off-putting for some
… but this studio is proof that sometimes the best things come in limited edition. Original, creative, unique with thrilling gameplay and astonishing visual effects are the characteristic of each. h and every one of its release.

A provider might don’t have a big arsenal of games under its belt…
… but the ones it does are superb. 

As the first studio to have a skill-based match 3 games on the casino floor, the developer 

This is the and proprietary math models for their development. The developer is taking high regard to the game category and audience of the new releases. 

Since the provider is taking high regard to the game category when determining the RTP and volatility of its releases, there are games that high rollers will enjoy, and also the ones more suitable for those who are practicing for slot tournaments

Studio’s portfolio includes these popular slots:


The provider’s aspiration to innovation doesn’t stop with original themes and interesting backstories.
It also refers to the gameplay, in the form of the speed, easy-to-use interface and incorporating new technologies in the slot development process.

According to the demands of the market, all of the developer’s titles are a bustling mix of flawless graphics and animation, thrilling special features and winning possibilities, with the top-notch quality

 None of those features lose their flare when you are switching from one device to the other. Since the games are available on both iOS and Android platforms, you can enjoy them wherever you are due to their mobile-friendly characteristic. 

Thrilling and original gameplay

Classic slots will never go out of style, but there is a lot of new games that can’t brag with their originality.
Regarding special features, as well as the freshness of their theme and visuals. 

This provider isn’t one of those who leave things half done. One of the reasons for its rather modest portfolio is the fact that it invests a lot of time and effort in every aspect of its new release. 

That is why you can always expect these features

  • Engaging theme
  • Stunning graphics and animation 
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Unique special features with high winning prospects
  • Maximum playing experience

Pirates Gold Studios slots are breaking the limits of innovation and stir up the calm sea of the gaming industry. None of its titles can go unnoticed, and it becomes hit over the night. Try out its demo versions and explore the games that are changing the industry.

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Barry the Disco Leprechaun

- Pirates Gold Studios Music 5 Video
Barry the Disco Leprechaun

Barry the Disco Leprechaun


Software Name Pirates Gold Studios

Theme Music

Reel 5

Type Video

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