Your Guide to Crash Games


With the upswing of cryptocurrencies, a whole new world of crash games opened up for online casino players. Fast-paced, incredibly easy to play, and completely unpredictable, they also incorporate a social component, delivering that sought-after adrenaline rush so loved by slot buffs.

The crash concept is different from all other types of games offered by gambling websites because its mechanic is time-based, and it is the player’s decision when to stop the current round and cash out. The latter, however, does not imply a skill element, and despite what many think, crash games are absolutely random, so they are games of pure chance.

Crash Mechanic Explained

In contrast to online slots with their wide variety of reel mechanics, crash games are built on a pretty straightforward idea borrowed from market stock trading.

The punter places a stake and watches the in-game multiplier, which is typically represented by a line graph, rising. Depending on the title, the maximum multiplier can be 5,000x or even greater, but naturally, the higher the line rises, and the bigger the multiplier, the greater the risk of a “crash”. As already said, the player is the one to decide when to cash out. Doing it before the “crash” will result in a nice win, bringing back the initial stake multiplied by the value reached, while missing the “right” moment will mean losing the stake.

Like other gambling products available to punters at licensed casinos, crash games are subject to variability checks and have their theoretical return to the player, which is usually around a solid 96%.

How Crash Games are Different from Slots

Even though online casinos often place crash games in the Slots section, they are different from virtual one-armed bandits in many ways. In fact, straightforward gameplay and staggering winning potential are pretty much all that these two types of games have in common.

  • Time-based mechanic – in slots, the duration of each spin is predetermined and cannot vary within one title, while in crash games, the duration of each round may range dramatically.
  • Multiplier experience – with the exception of a small number of titles that offer a multiplayer feature and, of course, Live slots, online fruit machines are designed to be enjoyed by one punter. Contrary to that, crash games can be played by a virtually unlimited number of players, which adds an extra layer of excitement.
  • Social interaction – an inseparable part of playing crash games at crypto casinos, always crowded leaderboards and chats let players not only compete but also communicate with each other. Well, traditional slots do not provide the thrills of full social interaction.
  • Bonus features – no game can rival online slots in terms of bonus features, so do not expect crash adventures to offer you free rounds, second-screen events, and similar stuff.

How to Play Crash games

Players are given a few moments to place their stakes before the start of each new round. In some games, there is an opportunity to bet on several events (for instance, on three different astronauts in the same spacecraft), adjusting wagers individually.

The moment the action begins, the multiplier starts to rise, and from that point, players can choose to cash out wherever they deem appropriate, or better said, when their intuition tells them “now”. No prizes for guessing, the goal is to reap the highest possible multiplier but accomplish to cash out before the random crash point.

Tips and Tricks

The internet is chock-full of “tried and true” strategies and betting systems able to work magic and deliver that life-changing win. From positive and negative progressions (who did not hear of Martingale?) to different versions of the “Play & Run” approach – it is very easy to get lost in the sea of “pro” advice and secrets.

The truth, however, is that none of them works when it comes to the game of chance based on pure luck. In line with this, no betting system can change the house edge of a crash game and make you a winner. What it can do is break your bankroll because the majority of systems require solid capital to be implemented.

Fortunately, there is no need for complex math algorithms if you want to boost your odds while playing engaging crash games. Remember that modesty is the only way toward success, therefore, make wagers in accordance with your budget, sticking to the popular saying “Better a fowl in hand than two flying”.

  • Do not wait too long to cash out, as even small gains are always better than losses. Thus, you will be able to play longer without putting your hand in your pocket.
  • Consider taking advantage of the Auto Cashout feature and select a multiplier as your limit for automatic cash out of winnings. Crash games are incredibly fast-paced and even little hesitation can cost you a win.
  • It is a good idea to take a look at the betting patterns of other players in the chat, perhaps, some of their tactics can show you the right way to success or help eliminate mistakes you make.

Popular Crash Games

Triple Cash or Crash

Made by Betsoft, one of the most creative providers of US-friendly slots, Triple Cash or Crash is enhanced with a staggering max multiplier of 100,000x and can generate truly impressive wins of up to $200,000.

A game for everyone in every sense of the word, it can be played already at $0.01 while the maximum bet is $5. Punters can place stakes on up to three astronauts during the take-off countdown, which lasts 10 seconds. The multiplier starts with 1x and increases during the flight – all until a random point when the rocket will crash. The objective is to eject your astronauts on time, each of them can be ejected individually.

This game has an Auto Cashout feature and an RTP of 96%.


One of the titles from the Pragmatic Play portfolio, Spaceman is a classic crash game that takes players to the stars with the help of the multiplier that starts at 1x and can go up to 5,000x. Punters have the opportunity to choose between cashing out the full amount or just 50% of the sum. In both scenarios, the Auto cashout option is available. Supported by an RTP of 95.5%, this game boasts a very wide betting range that begins at $1 and ends at the max bet of $100.

Goblin Run

Gnos is a charming goblin who wants to get his hands on the dragon’s treasure, which is not the easiest task, given that the dragon is not going to surrender. Players can customize their hero and choose in-game skin, while various traps along the way add plenty of excitement without interfering with the outcome. If gamification is what you are looking for, this immersive masterpiece of Evoplay will likely become your next favorite.

There are five levels and the multiplier can rise up to 1,000x. The max win is a whopping $750,000, however, the max bet of $750 is what really strikes the eye. Players who do not think of themselves as high rollers can join the fest already with $1, which is the smallest wager that can be placed. The game’s RTP is 96.04%

High Striker

Launched back in 2019, High Striker is simplistic in design but delivers hefty payouts of up to $90,000 to the riskiest patrons and offers a generous RTP of 98%. The game is equipped with convenient history, showing the list of top player who have managed to build the most profitable strategy. The min bet is $0.10, while the max stake is capped at $90. The max multiplier is 1,000x.

Save the Hamster

If you are one of those who always try to benefit from the highest-paying slots, then Save the Hamster deserves your attention because its payout percentage is an awesome 98%. The hamster’s name is Tom and he uses an aircraft to fly to the stars whilst players can place two bets on the same round at the same time. The wide betting range lets punters choose any amount between $1 and $750, the maximum multiplier is 1,000x.


One of the latest words in the world of online gambling, Aviatrix is an NFT-based crash game that utilizes Play-To-Earn (P2E) mechanics. All assets can be customized and upgraded, more than that, players will soon be able to trade their NFT planes in the built-in marketplace.

The beauty of this exclusive online game is its unique loyalty program, rich in daily tournaments with pool mechanics and fantastic rewards distributed every 24 hours.

by Anna Anna