Copacabana Gaming Software

copacabana_gaming_slot_software_pageFocused on becoming one of the leading innovators in the industry, the developer announced its presence as New Games Technology’s (NGT) company, specialized in providing new kinds of games for versatile markets. With an ambitious yet realistic project, this creative gang wants to develop slots, scratch cards, bingo, and keno releases different from anything ever seen before.

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What’s Copacabana Gaming’s major focus?

copacabana_gaming_slot_pageThis is the team of enthusiasts who don't settle for the "good enough", but invest themselves more than maximally from start to finish, in each and every game. Keep pushing the limits is their motto.

By promoting authenticity and professionalism…

…they want to deliver the finest quality products and meet the requirements of the most demanding and sophisticated clientele. That’s why striving for the best is their imperative.

Keep reading to find out more about Copacabana Gaming’s mission and vision, and take a closer look at the studio’s noteworthy collection of games!

Setting a New Tradition

To be recognizable in a crowded and highly competitive industry such as gambling is not an easy task, but this hard-working community seems to have found the way.

Combining the authenticity of its products…

…along with the creativity and professionalism of the staff, the supplier is equipped to provide the best entertainment experience for various needs and profiles. Anxious to deliver in-house developed gaming platforms for its associates, the world-class tech team keeps pushing the boundaries continuously.

All the content crafted in their workshop is original and made from scratch, guaranteeing the best and most unique experience for both clients and players. The collection includes top-quality traditional slots, video bingo, scratch cards and pull-tabs, all enhanced with exclusive and innovative features to captivate the market.

Which Solutions Does the Company Offer?

Motivated to give their associates the full advantage, the Copacabana team came up with a well-rounded package of services, focusing on the most important sectors.

The company offers:

  • Superb game, graphic and sound design

By giving high priority to gameplay, the skillful designers and artists comprised in the creative gang know how to catch consumers’ attention. Some of the “secret ingredients” found in their products include catchy and colorful graphics, along with the utmost attention to detail.

  • Finest cross-platform HTML5 game development

Fluent in all required technology, every member of the development team is experienced and trained to cope with any task, no matter how demanding it may seem.

  • Personalized back office

Being aware of everything that happens when it happens matters a lot, which is why this producer puts clients in control of the games, providing them customized and top-notch experience.

Strategic Agreements

This proactive community of gaming enthusiasts operates as a part of the NGT group, being one of its subsidiaries, along with Raspinha.

Summarizing the very essence of the group…

…” innovation” appears as the word which best describes the company’s focus. Certified under the strictest standards, NGT offers an extensive selection of instant and draw-based lottery games, online games, land-based games, and a category of products dedicated to point of sale.

In June 2020, the supplier revealed the first successful deal, thanks to which the studio integrated its catalog of immersive content into one of the most renowned platforms- iSoftBet’s GAP.

The provider’s award-winning platform…

…welcomed collection of games from a duet of suppliers- Spiffbet and Copacabana Gaming, diversifying its already rich portfolio even more. As a small reminder, iSoftBet’s GAP hosts approximately 4,500 releases from 55 industry-leading software brands, including an all-encompassing collection of next-age slots, live casino solutions, scratch cards, and virtual sports.

Having in mind that the market of Latin America grows rapidly, each side is positive that the alignment will bring plenty of success and more players.

Exploring the Portfolio

Instead of focusing on a single category, the developer wanted to come up with something refreshing. Looking for the best way to add some twits to the recognizable evergreens, the creative factory produced a multitude of “classics with Brazilian style”.

A single glance at their library…

…introduces punters with slots, scratch cards, bingo, and keno releases which differ a lot from what competitors have to offer.

Let’s start with Lucky Animals, an interesting series of all-time favorites such as lotto or bingo with animals as main characters. In addition to the commonly known rules and course of the game, there’s a multiverse of features to spice the story up a bit.

Among the most noteworthy ones…

…players can find multipliers, instant prizes, unique mechanics, bonus sessions, complimentary spins, and many more. Worth stressing out is that they are equipped with an optimized RTP. Also, there’s fun and real money mode, so that punters can get a better insight into their unique mechanics and the whole story.

What about supported devices?

Knowing that players are looking for ultimate comfort, providers optimize their content for versatile devices and operating systems, and this producer is no exception to this.

Besides desktop…

…the releases can be activated on mobile gadgets as well, allowing punters to play their favorite titles while out and about. Speaking of adjustability, the denomination can also be set depending on the selected room and currency.

Plus, aiming to reach an international audience, the studio displayed a selection of languages, creating even more personalized and immersive experience.

From the visual point of view…

…there’s no doubt that the artists behind their releases know how to create an excellent atmosphere. Every single character and symbol are illustrated and painted with the highest level of attention, and carefully chosen colors.

Adding more life to them is the top-notch animation and full HD, making them look even more energetic. Punters are given the possibility to control game speed and sound, making the session even more fitting to the most specific preferences and demands.

With such a clear idea…

…so much knowledge and skills, this team of professionals and gaming enthusiasts knows how to give players what they want. Sometimes even a single title is more than enough to confirm the studio’s quality, and Copacabana Gaming has more than that.

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