RubyPlay Software

Driven by the passion to make the most entertaining and innovative slot games possible, Ruby Play was born in 2017. The Kyiv-based team strives to produce a premium quality experience using HTML5, enabling wide cross-platform compatibility over a full range of gadgets. 

Thanks to an excellent balance between math-based game design and creativity, the creative community is eager to “make the games players want to play”. Knowing that being just good is not enough in the crowded iGaming industry, the team is motivated to be greater and more productive with each new day. 

Stay with us to get to know Ruby Play better!

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Pioneering the New Trends

The company comprises the highly-aspired individuals with over 20 years of producing best-in-class gaming content. The design sector gathered plenty of valuable experience while working in the versatility of leading manufacturing companies. 

Bringing together the thought leaders from land-based, real-money online, and the social spaces…

…the team leveraged the combined backgrounds and enhanced the top concepts from all the spheres to engineer a wholly unique gaming experience for real money. Thanks to the innovative gamification techniques implemented in their products, the team strongly believes they are capable of changing the current and establishing some new trends.

To depict their philosophy, they came up with the motto: ruby_play_software

“Gamblers at heart, we know what gamblers want.

 For Gamblers, By Gamblers

 And we’re only getting started.”

The ability to perceive things from the other (players’) point of view, gives them valuable hints in which directions they should develop the business. 

Cutting-Edge Technology for Faster Expansion

Having in mind that the iGaming industry relies on modern technologies, keeping up with the trends is not a matter of choice, it’s mandatory. At least for those who want to survive and reach a wide spectrum of clients. 

As people are constantly on the go…

…making sure the platforms are optimized to offer top-quality experience is the main objective of all content producers. Ruby Play is no exception to the rule, which is more than obvious from the advanced technology they implement in developing games.

These ingredients make the solid foundation of the young and ambitious team’ strategy: 

  • HTML5 with WebGL- thanks to the high-speed emulation, the entire spectrum of their releases is compatible across all platforms and screen sizes
  • Mobile-optimized- available across all sorts of gadgets, both low-end to premium flagship portable devices, their titles offer the best possible experience while on the go
  • High frame rates (FPS)- smooth and fast gaming experience and lower CPU load are guaranteed thanks to the high-efficiency graphics engine
  • Fast loading- seamless entertainment experience and record-breaking load times are made possible thanks to priority loading and art-compression system 
  • Low battery usage- the reduced battery load enables longer play sessions 
  • Server support- full solution and back-office integration are a crucial part of their remote game server which supports all game mechanics 

Immersive Graphics, Vibrant Colors and Dynamic Sound Effects

While exploring the colorful portfolio of Kyiv-located developers, one will discover a vibrant spectrum of titles, which capture the viewer’s attention immediately.

The studio opted for juicy and vivid colors in each of the releases…

…thanks to which all the characters can be described as captivating. Thanks to professionally done animation and carefully chosen graphics, each of the portrayed figures look unique and memorable.

Another “secret ingredient” to make their games and style recognizable are well-selected sound effects and soundtracks that contribute a lot to a great dose of action seen in all their games.

Ancient Greece-themed Medusa Money is just one of the releases from their diverse library…

…which gathers a selection of well-drawn symbols from the mythology. Although the topic itself is nothing new, their specific approach gave this commonly exploited theme unique charm and gameplay. Structured as a 4x6 grid, it brings 50 lines for potential winning combinations. Packed with a collection of dynamic options and explosive features, it guarantees actionable gameplay.

Paying Homage to Asia and Gorgeous Ladies

It doesn’t take much to realize which topics are the most inspirational for the Ruby Play team. A single glance is enough to show that Asia and beautiful women are the most dominant themes in their titles.

Using adorable chicks as a selling point is no longer so popular…

…like it used to be before, which is why some consumers may judge such an approach. But, the main point is actually in the specific approach they have, which besides lovely ladies brings challenging gameplay and unique experience.

Besides the mythology-inspired title we described, there’s an interesting mining adventure also equipped with expectedly bombastic features. The gold-digging is a hot and heavy job, but with Hot & Heavy, the attractive duo of miners as main characters of the mission, chances to dig some really valuable treasures are quite high.

Another equally inspirational subject they used in games in Asia…

…and its versatile culture and history. As a matter of fact, the creative team found an excellent way to match these two topics, which resulted in a fine choice of oriental releases with lovely women as main figures.

Macau Beauties takes punters to the “Vegas of the East”, but bringing much more than just (yet another) tribute to gambling and women. The colorful streets of Macau depict an energetic atmosphere, along with the wonderful and spectacular architecture of the beautiful city.

Dragon-related 3x5 video slot Dragon Prophecy…

…hosts a set of well-designed themed symbols with an inevitable collection of playing card icons. The unique and colorful folklore of the Far East is additionally enhanced with energetic features that maintain the dynamics at the highest level.

By these proven successful topics to announce the presence in the industry, the productive and inspired team apparently has a basic picture of what it takes to reach the audience. The range of highly functional tools and solutions to build the games, they have the necessary tool to remain present and become one of the most popular developers.

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