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Ladbrokes ‘Betting Men’ Advert Causes Debate


Ladbrokes has created a new series of TV advertisements that are based around a group of friends known as the ‘Betting Men’.  The advert has tried to take inspiration from Guy Richie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels film, by giving five different men from London a different betting personality (Mr. Brightside, the Gut Truster, The Professor, The Believer and Generous John).  

The group of men are seen betting on different sporting events, as well as enjoying themselves in different social situations, such as drinking at their local pub.

The new advert has mainly received a negative response from the public on different social networking platforms.  Some believe that Ladbrokes have tried to glamorise internet gambling, whilst others have commented that it is cringe worthy, clinched and somewhat dated.

We have attached the YouTube video below.  Have a watch and let us know what you think... 

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by Kelly Kelly


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