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Gala Coral Releases New Jokers Gold Slot


Certain symbols and motifs show up in different types of gambling over and over, and the joker is one of those. The joker is supposed to be a wild item that increases your chances of winning in all different types of card games from spades to video poker, and that idea is at the center of the newest title by Gala Coral. The Jokers Gold online slot is based around a joker theme, and it brings a lot of solid gameplay with many different ways to win.

Gameplay and Features

Gameplay in Jokers Gold is based largely around the wild jokers. These jokers help you to get paid in either direction, and they also have extra features when you trigger the free spin bonus feature. First, they will expand to cover the entire reel to give you lots of opportunities for multi-line wins. However, they will also stay in place for the rest of your free spins, and that means you're getting a ton of value. This game's payout structure is set up so that you're getting most of your value from this bonus feature, and that makes sense with how the game is centered around the wild symbol as a whole.

Multi-Channel Releases

In the online casino world, an omni-channel release is another way of saying they're releasing a game on multiple platforms, and the idea is to make a title available for as many people as possible. That's exactly what's happening with all of Gala Coral's newest releases, and this includes Jokers Gold. They want to make their games open to anyone on any desktop or mobile platform that they can, and the idea is to keep as many players feeling welcome to enjoy their games as possible.

Mobile Growth

The reason for this approach with Jokers Gold and all of their other newest titles is that they really need to tap into the mobile growth that's been seen every single quarter for the past several years in the online gambling world. More people than ever have mobile devices, and more people than ever log onto them to enjoy different types of online gambling. Gala Coral knows that this is one of their best options for getting their high-quality titles in front of players, and it has a win-win effect by giving players more options for playing great games.

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