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Temple of Luxor Launches From Genesis Gaming


It's hard to find any level of exclusivity with online casino games because they are often found on several different casino sites thanks to the way that different software packages are used by tons of operators. Genesis Gaming has a deal with Unibet right now, however, and this deal will have their newest title Temple of Luxor released exclusively for a period a time at this particular online casino. It's a good chance for players to get in on a cool new title and add some value to their experience with one of the top sites running in the industry today.

About Temple of Luxor

The new Temple of Luxor online slot uses a very atypical format. There are two different sets of reels that connect to give players 11 total reels. These reel sets have 50 paylines each, and they are awarded from left-to-right on the one side, but they're awarded right-to-left on the other. The center set of reels can become a giant wild during the bonus feature, and this turns the game into one giant set of 11 reels with 50 paylines and wins that pay in both directions. This is something like we've never seen before in online slots.

Meeting a Demand

One of the main things Genesis Gaming wanted to do with this release is put players in a situation where they could get frequent wins while maintaining the overall chances of getting big jackpot payouts. This is a hard balance to achieve because frequent small wins generally adds so much value to the game that there isn't much left for the high-end payouts. The opposite also happens where massive top-end jackpots mean there isn't much value available for frequent, smaller wins.

With the typical format that is provided by Temple of Luxor, players will have a chance to get both at the same time. This is a very atypical situation, and it's an arrangement that will be interesting to see working out in a practical sense. Something that complicates this situation is that there are a lot of stacked symbols and chances for extra wild reels, and this could lead to massive multi-line wins in the process. Overall, it's a great opportunity to see what happens with a new format that we haven't seen in action before, and it'll give Unibet a chance to give players a holiday special preview of a hot new game.

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