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11-Reel Temple of Luxor Released by Genesis


In the video slot world, there are certain rules and general structures that are followed with a small amount of flexibility. For example, most games have five reels with three rows, but you can see games with five reels and four rows or even four reels and four rows. This is a small change that provides a different experience, and players appreciate having variety. However, the 11-reel Temple of Luxor slot that's been released by Genesis Gaming blows convention out of the water.

Atypical by Far

Here's the way the format works for this game. There are essentially two sets of five reels with three rows, and one reel separates them. On one set of five reels, pays are made left-to-right, and they're right-to-left on the other. The obelisk that covers the center reel between the two sets turns into a huge wild when the bonus feature is triggered, and the game becomes an 11-reel experience with 50 paylines, and these paylines pay in both directions.

Even More Bonus Value

The bonus feature is a set of free spins, and that's how you open up the 11-reel part of the game. However, there's more value to this bonus feature than just an atypical reel layout. The obelisk that becomes wild multiplies itself across the reels in a certain way, and you'll end up with four different wild reels during the free spins. When you add this to the simple fact that the free spins can be re-triggered, then you're getting a ton of value, and this atypical format becomes a key part of the gameplay instead of just an effort to get attention through obscurity.

The Momentum of Genesis Gaming

Genesis Gaming has had a great year in 2015. They've come out with a number of high-profile new releases, and they've made a number of content deals to get their games in front of more new players. Overall, they are strongly positioned to make 2016 their best year yet, and with the high quality of the titles they've been putting out, it's hard to imagine them not doing just that. Players are getting the best of this big push by Genesis Gaming because they're getting more great content, and we're curious to see what they come up with next to stand out from the crowd.

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