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Genesis Gaming and Big Stack Sign Content Deal


Content distribution deals are one of the most important parts of the business for an online casino software developer. The value and number of their content deals determines how many players enjoy their games, and that's directly related to how much they're able to grow and expand. Genesis Gaming knows this extremely well, and they've been very aggressive with seeking out new deals. This includes their most recent agreement with Big Stack Technologies.

Details of the Deal

The way this deal is going to work is that Genesis Gaming is going to offer their entire portfolio of video slots to Big Stack for their platform. This casino platform offers a portfolio of casino and poker games. By adding the HTML5 and Adobe Flash video slots to the Big Stack platform, this will deepen the pool of games they have available and make themselves more attractive to players and operators alike. This dynamic is why this deal is great for both parties, and it's most definitely a win-win situation.

Social Casino Growth

One thing that Big Stack does that isn't as popular among their real money competition is offer social games that are played for free money. This is more popular among the social networking crowd, but it's grown to be a multi-billion dollar business on its own. Players will pay for more free chips, decorative items and other upgrades, and this is a pretty big deal considering how it's yet another way for companies to take in revenues based on casino game play. It's very interesting from a business perspective, but with this deal with Genesis Gaming, they're showing that they want to cover both their social and real money bases.

Genesis Gaming Momentum

Genesis Gaming has had a ton of momentum over the past several months. They've been regularly signing new deals to distribute their content on various platforms while coming out with new games regularly as well. This goes to show that they're continuing to push forward to try to be something stronger in this industry. It's not that they're doing poorly, because they're not by any means, but they keep pushing and pushing to achieve that upper tier of elite software developers, and if they keep going, they have good chances to get there.

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