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Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead Slots Coming From NetEnt


Net Entertainment had the online slots world all excited for about a year thanks to their announcement at ICE 2015 about their recently-released Guns N Roses. They've recently announced that this is only going to be the very first of a series called the NetEnt Rocks series, and the next two titles in the series will be Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead, two really important figures in the rock music scene.

About This New Series

Online slots have always pulled themes from popular brands in various forms of media. This includes video games, television, film and other channels. However, bands haven't really been given that much attention for these purposes until recently, and the Guns N Roses slot by NetEnt was the first to really get this level of attention. They're capitalizing on this by turning it into a complete series, and it shows that NetEnt is really going out there where other software providers haven't by innovating and looking for new brands to represent like Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead in upcoming titles.

Feature-Driven Experiences

What's important to realize is that Net Entertainment is all about creating games that have features that make sense based on the theme of the title, and there's no reason to expect these games to be any different. With Jimi Hendrix, he's coming on April 21 with great 3D graphics and 10 different "morph targets" on the reels. Motorhead is coming this fall on September 22, but there haven't been many details released about what's going to go into that particular title. What we do know is that each game will feature several top titles from each of these icons, and you'll have control over the soundtrack like you do with the Guns N Roses slot.

More in 2016

The NetEnt Rocks series of games is just one development in 2016 for this company. They are sure to have plenty of other new titles released this year, and with the momentum that they have taken into this new year, it'll be interesting to see what other types of deals they're able to get themselves into as far as expanding and getting their titles in front of as many new players as possible. We could even see more titles in the NetEnt Rocks series come late 2016 and early 2017 as well.

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