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Greentube Creates Social Media Marketing Platform


Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH is an online gaming software creator that is a subsidiary of Novomatic.  They launched their company in 2000, with the aim to create an online casino solution that provided a quality experience through an outstanding branded visual experience.

Our goal was to build a social gaming platform that is completely casino-focused

Gabriel Cianchetto, Greentube spokesman.

Over the last couple of years they have been working towards this goal by creating amazing turnkey software programs that focus on bingo, poker and other exclusive table and casino games.  However, it is their latest software program that has really caught our eye at Casino Slots, as they have created a social media market platform.

This private-label platform is called Greentube Pro and its aim is to improve player retention, whilst also boosting new player acquisition for land based casino sites.  How does it work?  When players leave a land based casino, they will be encouraged to stay in touch with the casino brand through social media gaming.  The games will be provided by Novomatic; however, they will all feature branding from the casino.  

Players will also be able to earn loyalty points on the social media games, which they can then redeem at the casino.


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by Kelly Kelly


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