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Immerse Yourself in Mutant Trawlers: Yggdrasil's Latest Gaming Innovations


In collaboration with Bang Bang Games, Yggdrasil has unveiled their latest gaming invention, Mutant Trawlers, promising an immersive and electrifying gaming experience. This section explores what sets Mutant Trawlers apart, ensuring it remains an impressive addition to the iGaming universe.

Mastering a Radioactive Landscape

Set against the grim backdrop of a radioactive lake, Mutant Trawlers whisks players away on a gaming experience characterized by suspense and challenges distinctive to a dystopian world. This sinister setting is fortified by a gripping soundtrack, enhancing the atmospheric depth of the game. Noteworthy gameplay features such as Trawler Respins, Mutant Cash, and Meltdown Free Spins introduce multiple layers of excitement and substantial reward opportunities.

For example, the functionality of the Trawler Respins is activated by the concurrent presence of a boat symbol and a Mutant Cash symbol on one reel, triggering continual respins highlighted by growing multipliers, which could lead to impactful winnings. The Meltdown Bonus Spins arise when players accumulate three or more bonus symbols, unlocking up to 20 additional spins where the multiplier effects from the trawler persist, elevating the potential for lucrative outcomes.

Innovative Features and Strategic Expansion

"For an additional 50% per spin, activate the Bonus Boost feature to enhance your chances of engaging the Meltdown Free Spins bonus," emphasizes the game's innovative dimensions. Behind the gameplay, Mutant Trawlers is fueled by Yggdrasil’s GATI technology, ensuring a seamless gaming experience with superior content quality for both players and developers.

Yggdrasil has not only excelled with Mutant Trawlers but has expanded its impact in the gaming sector through collaborations like its partnership with NetBet Denmark. This expansion is complemented by Yggdrasil's recent accolade as Innovator of the Year at the 2023 International Gaming Awards. Future releases such as Giganimals GigaBlox, E-Force, and Frost Queen Jackpots promise to showcase further the company’s vigor for innovative and engaging iGaming solutions. Mutant Trawlers stands not merely as a game but as an enthralling journey that embodies Yggdrasil's commitment to premium gaming ventures. As experienced players and newcomers alike explore Mutant Trawlers, they are promised a phenomenal and memorable gaming experience.

Zoe Bird, Senior Product & Program Manager at Yggdrasil, shares a glimpse into the game's unique appeal: “Mutant Trawlers transforms traditional fishing-themed slots with a darker narrative. Alongside its striking visuals and sounds, it’s crafted to amplify winning possibilities with exceptional features like Trawler Respins.”

Mutant Trawlers offers a distinct edge that appeals to players looking for games with a unique twist and immense win potential through extraordinary bonus features and mechanics. Ready your gear and dive into this adventure!

Echoing this sentiment, Frank McPolin, Managing Director at Bang Bang


''Yggdrasil and Bang Bang invite you to brave nuclear waste in Mutant Trawlers'', May 16, 2024.


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