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Greentube Makes Content Deal With Unibet


Market reach for an online casino or other type of online gambling site is comprised of a number of different factors. The places they offer their services, the promotions they have available, the game selection they have for players and a ton of other factors go into this. For an online casino to successfully survive over the years, they have to regularly expand and continue growing, but choosing the direction to push for growth can be tricky. Unibet has successfully made the right decisions for growth over the past several years, and they're doing it again with a new content deal with Novomatic.

Who is Novomatic?

Novomatic is the parent company for Greentube, and they provide online gambling content in various forms. Unibet's new content deal will be largely focused on their selection of slots. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone who is familiar with how these types of deals have been going recently because it seems like the big rush now is to get as many high-quality slots in one place as you can. This growth strategy has been seen from a number of online casino brands, and Unibet is definitely deploying it now as well.

Unibet's Overall Strategy

People have to understand that content deals like this one are a pretty big deal not only on an individual basis but because they are indicative of an overall culture of growth. You can't build a brand like Unibet has with the amount of trust that people have in it by standing still and not growing by leaps and bounds on a regular basis. While Greentube might not be contributing some overwhelming number of games in this deal, it's another step towards greatness for Unibet, and it helps Greentube by getting their titles in front of even more players.

Greentube Growth

This isn't Greentube's only recent deal. They've also signed a deal with Foxwoods Resort Casino to provide social casino games. The idea behind these games is to add to the overall Foxwoods experience and increase player participation and retention. It's cool to see that they're offering content in two completely different sectors of the online gambling world, and working with a couple of really popular brands will definitely help them with deals in the future.

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