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The Final Rose Slot Debuts for Genesis Gaming


Television dating shows follow a familiar formula. There are a group of people who are going after a single person, like a group of men going after a single woman in The Bachelorette, for example. If there are 10 men left, there are only nine roses to be given away to the people who are going to stay on the show, and the woman has to give these out to illustrate who is going to be staying. When there are only two men left, it gets down to what's known as The Final Rose, and that's where the name of the game comes from.

Layout of The Final Rose

Many online casino software developers today try to come up with new formats and layouts to give players something new to try. Others don't mind using well-established formats to use as a foundation for building something great. Genesis Gaming has taken the latter approach with The Final Rose. It uses five reels with three rows, and there are 25 paylines of action. This is a very well known layout, and they're not going to be getting any awards for innovation for that.

Features and Bonus Rounds

However, they do have a great set of graphics that fits into the theme perfectly, and the bonus features do as well. You'll see red roses, champagne and tons of other symbols relating to this theme. You also have opportunities for random multipliers, and this gives the game a feel for the wild action that you can see on television shows like this. What's more is that there's a free spins bonus feature that fits perfectly into the concept, and it can give you some massive winnings as well.

Genesis Gaming Continues Expansion

Genesis Gaming has been pushing really hard over the past two years to become more recognized, and they've been doing that to a great degree. They've been coming out with new titles on a regular basis, and they've all been pretty attention-grabbing. This is one of the reasons why they're seeing so much success with their attempted expansion, and it's the reason why many in the industry think that Genesis Gaming could be the next NetEnt or BetSoft if they keep up their efforts.

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