RAW iGaming appeared on the global gambling scene in 2021 but its first online casino slot was launched a year later, making a huge splash in the industry. Wheels of Rock showcased the long-awaited SuperSlice® mechanic, which literally started a new era in the development of virtual one-armed bandits, using wheels instead of the usual reels. Well, it was just the beginning as more revolutionary innovations were introduced by the studio shortly afterward. Read on to find out why RAW is looking down upon other software providers and what exactly the company is bringing to the table.

Wheels Are the New Reels

Let’s start with the SuperSlice® technology, which brought RAW worldwide popularity. Representing a completely new way to play online slots, it delivers between two and twelve dynamic slices on any wheel design, so players never know how many slices they will get. To make things even more exciting, these slices can hold different symbols, bonuses, or be empty while every position can appear multiple times on the wheel. In short, the action never stops and is always covered by a veil of mystery.


Besides the aforementioned Wheels of Rock, some popular titles enhanced with this cutting-edge mechanic are Journey to Chaos, The Magnificent SuperSlice, Mad Joker Zones, Popeye vs Brutus, and Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl. To the delight of players, all of the games boast a considerable set of rewarding bonus features that range from respins and free spins to multipliers and engaging mini-games.

Let’s Keep Em Tracking

After SuperSlice® arrived patent-pending SuperTracks®, another innovative and truly unique mechanic for an entirely new gaming experience. It is planned to debut in a one-of-its-kind SuperTracks Railways™ slot designed to let every player become a real train tycoon.

Of course, the future smash hit has nothing to do with a traditional fruit machine, featuring a complex network of trails and giving millions of ways to win in a tiny rectangle somewhere stuck three-quarters of the way up your mobile device. Despite what you may think, the gameplay is easy – just follow the symbols, watch the tracks cascade, and start winning if your symbol can follow a track.

There are no pay lines, so prizes are paid based on position and movement along the track. Quite simply, the more you track, the more you win, all the more so, there are various power-ups and modifiers along the way to award free spins and other sought-after bonuses.

Clusterspin® & Bonus Rush®

All casino slots in the RAW iGaming’s portfolio let players benefit from Clusterpin® and Bonus Rush® features. We bet you’re gonna love both of them and here is why. Designed to offer punters the opportunity to win when they lose, Clusterpin® is the world’s first slot side bet for betting on winning or losing rounds. From now on, there is no need to worry about losing streaks that can be really frustrating!

Bonus Rush® in its turn, is an attractive name for a well-known Bonus Buy feature, which enjoys great popularity among players of different styles and, hence, is offered by many software providers. While the details may vary from one slot to another, generally speaking, it provides a chance to jump straight into the action and simply buy into the bonus without waiting for it to be triggered naturally.

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Lucky McGees Superslice Swirl

2.0 /5 RAW iGaming Irish Video
Lucky McGees Superslice Swirl

Lucky McGees Superslice Swirl

Rated 2 /5

Software Name RAW iGaming

Theme Irish


Type Video

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