LiveGames Software

livegames_software_reviewLiveGames is an up-and-coming software provider of next-generation B2B live casino solutions for the online gambling industry. The company was founded back in 2015 and five years later, its platform reached an impressive milestone of 600,000 unique players and $215M in transactions. Since then, the business has been growing at lightning speed, and already in 2021, the numbers were twice as big.

Based in Malta and Curacao, this developer can brag of an extensive network of partners, catering to more than 650 operators in different corners of the world, and still counting. It is worth noting that LiveGames is also active in the brick-and-mortar sector, leveraging its omnichannel retail to power physical betting venues, which are connected to any online operation. Combining a tech-driven approach with vast industry knowledge and rich expertise, the brand delivers a reliable high-quality service fully tailored to the needs and wants of every client.

Partners & Markets

Fully committed to its mission of changing the iGaming industry on a global scale, the company has quickly expanded its reach, carrying commercial operations in rapidly growing and, hence, overly attractive markets of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Thanks to its highly localized content and branded dedicated tables, every day the developer is getting closer and closer to achieving its goal of becoming the leader in the thriving live casino sector.

It’s no secret that even the most brilliant ideas need comprehensive support to be turned into reality. Such all-round endorsement and help usually come from strategic partners who make life and business much easier. Things are no different in the case of LiveGames, which has penned several very important agreements to open a whole world of new opportunities.

For instance, the partnership with EveryMatrix let the brand take advantage of CasinoEngine, a modular, not platform-dependent product that can be easily integrated with third-party platforms and wallets. Another significant moment is that CasinoEngine is certified in multiple jurisdictions and, therefore, makes sure all products and services are fully compliant with local regulations. Plus, its technology is easily adjustable, catering to new demands and providing the most reliable data within the standard requirements such as reality checks, time limit calculations, specific wagering limits, and authenticity checks.

Another key partnership for this software developer is the collaboration with Sportingtech’s Quantum platform, which boasts a strong presence in the attractive LatAm region. More and more game makers strive to introduce their products to an immense player base of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru where casino entertainment gradually becomes as popular as sports betting. By the way, in contrast to Europe or the United States, the vast majority of gamblers across Latin America primarily use their mobile phones to play online slots or bet on sports events simply because the smartphone is often the only available way to access internet.

Highly Entertaining Live Dealer Games

highly_entertaining_live_dealer_gamesIn July 2023, LiveGames received a prestigious GLI certification from Gaming Laboratories International, LLC, which is a synonym for best practice standards across multiple regulated markets, including Asia, Latin America, and, of course, the old continent. This certification covers Event Wagering (GLI-19) and Interactive Gaming systems v3.0 (GLI-33).

When it comes to the brand’s portfolio, it still cannot rival Evolution, Ezugi, and other long-established providers in terms of the number and variety of titles. However, the company seems to outperform many big-name studios in terms of innovative features that make playing so much more fun. Those features are not only market-specific but also fully customizable, which is invaluable for online casinos from a marketing perspective as modern players generally look for places where they can get a highly personalized experience.

Live Roulette

An inseparable part of any casino floor, from Las Vegas to Macau, roulette is also one of the most popular table games among online gamblers of all styles. Newbies like it for simple gameplay that does not require any previous knowledge while seasoned high-rollers are charmed by massive payouts that can be generated in no time.

Interestingly, although even rookies are well aware of the fact that the European single-zero variant offers better odds than its double-zero American counterpart, both options are in high demand at gambling websites. It is also worth mentioning that online patrons have access to the most advantageous variant based on the European wheel – French Roulette La Partage that usually returns to players 98.65% of all staked money (in the long run, of course).

Well, let’s take a closer look at what LiveGames has to offer to those who love this amazing game as actually, the company has a decent choice of roulette tables, with its Branded VIP Roulette being arguably the top choice of operators due to its incredible flexibility and a host of unique features.

Branded Roulette Live

branded_roulette_liveImmersive and exciting, this game lets players tap into the authentic atmosphere of a land-based casino with its festive surroundings and plenty of interaction with other guests. Charming croupiers are ready to support a friendly chat and help the ball get spinning to deliver some nice wins.

Operators have endless opportunities to adorn the green screen with their logo and other details for better brand visibility and invite an unlimited number of players to join each table. Keeping pace with the latest industry trends, this software developer has even designed the first vertical live roulette table to cater directly to the needs of gamblers who prefer to use their smartphones to have fun.

Branded VIP Roulette

Created especially for players who look for the most exclusive gaming experience, this variant is a perfect fit for active whales who are interested in high-stake rooms. The luxurious design of the studio nicely matches the concept of VIP gambling with all the extras and privileges that make patrons feel special.

Just like all other products from LiveGames, this game is streamed 24/7 in HD quality and offers seamless graphics and sound. Players can adjust the gameplay by choosing the desired bet size from a palette with multiple stake options and using comprehensive game statistics and detailed reports.

Branded Auto & Auto Speed Roulette

Traditionally, Auto Roulette has more sessions than the live variant, and many players simply love the concept because they can master their skills and study the gameplay without other punters at the table frowning upon them. In short, they can take their time and play at their own comfortable pace.

Speed Roulette does exactly what it says on the tin, making about 3,060 spins per day in comparison to the 2,630 usually performed by the standard variant. No prizes for guessing, it offers much faster action with all its thrills and chills – an ideal game for punters who are in search of a truly intense experience.

Both games feature a vertical screen and a signature heat map, letting users keep an eye on the most popular numbers with the biggest number of wagers during the session.

Live Tombola

Paying tribute to the British style of entertainment, people from LiveGames have designed an exciting game of numbers and called it Tombola. A great community pastime with lots of laughter and joy, this lottery-style amusement still enjoys great popularity in many countries, although it does not necessarily have the same name.

What is unique about this particular release is a set of exclusive rewards that can be won simply by playing Tombola. For instance, a player who gets the card that wins the Tombola with the first 44 balls will get a Jackpot or 80% of the total prize pool. In their turn, less lucky punters who bet 150 times without winning a single dime will be entitled to cashback. In addition to that, all participants have an option to instantly use 20% of their bet as a bonus every time they buy 5 cards – can you think of a better way to get more bang for your buck?

As for traditional prizes, they are awarded for achieving various patterns on the card. Completing five numbers on a single line brings a 13x bet while doing the same on two lines pays a 26x bet. Tombola is awarded for filling in all numbers on the card, delivering a 55x bet to a lucky player. Special prizes are much more thrilling, bringing those who first reach Cinko with the first 15 balls they get a fantastic 500x bet. Even better, punters who have managed to land the first Cinko, the second Cinko, and the Tombola in a row on a single card win an additional 300x bet.

Over Under

A fast-paced and very entertaining card game, Over Under is incredibly easy to play. All that gamblers have to do is to correctly guess whether the value of the next card in the deck will be over or under a specific number. It is enhanced with a wide range of innovative bonus features inspired by poker hands. Getting Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, Royal Flush guarantees an extra prize that comes in the form of a bet multiplier of up to 80x!

Hippodrome Crash

A gambling experience at the full gallop, this game is all about horse racing and massive multipliers. In contrast to other crash titles, players have an opportunity to make three different bets, meaning that three different horses can bring them triple winnings. Enhanced with a generous RTP of 97%, this game has an option to cash-out from 1.01x to 1,000,000x.

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