Magnet Gaming Software

Magnet Gaming is a company that runs from Denmark, and they are actually owned primarily (60 percent) by the Danish national lottery company Danske Spil. The remaining 40 percent is owned by CEGO, a separate company that develops various types of casino and online casual games. They are very serious about meeting all of the regulatory requirements of any jurisdiction where their games run, and they have a license from the United Kingdom, which shows just how serious they are about their craft. This company has been running since 2014.

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Game Selection and Quality

The focus of this company is on online slots, and they are focused on quality over quantity, though they do have a fair number of games available. Titles like Fish Tank, Haunted House and Gold Rush really show off what they can do with their characteristic graphical style and a good mix of features and pay table balance. The experience of playing these games is always solid, and while their games look good, it's definitely the gameplay that gets the most attention. That's the opposite of most developers today.

In terms of the way their graphics are presented, they don't really bother with any kind of 3D approach in most of their titles. Instead, they go for a high-quality, 2D style that sometimes has 3D elements, and because they're so different than most of what's out there today while still providing a great product, it helps to put the spotlight on what they have to offer when their titles are side-by-side with those from a competitor. You can see the influence from the casual and social games they have produced on how their online slots are presented because of this graphical style and its various manifestations in their slots.

An HTML5 Focus

Having only been founded in 2014, this developer started off making their first games with HTML5, so they never had to make any kind of transition over from Flash. This has been helpful in a number of ways. First off, it makes their games mobile compatible in a very simple way. Second, it makes it much easier for them to get content distribution agreements because their offering is much easier to integrate into existing systems. Those are some major advantages, and they're the main reasons why the HTML5 platform is where software companies want to be working.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Magnet Gaming does a good job with their games, and because that's the point of their business, it's pretty reasonable to say they have a strong understanding of what they're doing. Their games have a different type of look and feel than a lot of the titles they are stacked up against, and that puts them in an advantageous position to stand out and get attention. Overall, they have solid titles that provide the types of experiences players are looking for, and that's exactly what's needed in the industry as a whole.

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