Vikingos Gold

Full Screen
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1 Reels 3
2. Paylines 1
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 50
5. Jackpot 2000
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 10000
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range from $0.2 up to $10
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.2 up to $0.2
12. Coins per line 50
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol Yes

The Vikings were a pretty interesting group because of what all they accomplished. They're widely regarded as the first people to make the trek by boat from Europe to North America, and they conquered and defeated other groups in many other areas of the Western Hemisphere. They were regarded as extremely fierce warriors, and the Vikingos Gold slot by MGA is based on this group of people and their search for treasure as they plundered villages and took what they could.

Slot Format and Layout

This is a single-reel classic slot, and that means that there are three reels and one line to get paid on. You can see a few different symbols on each reel, but only one of them can be paid as a part of normal gameplay. There are features that incorporate other symbols that haven't hit the payline yet, and we'll elaborate on that down below.

Players can choose to wager with between one and 50 credits on this payline, and that gives you a really wide range of different bet sizes that are available. You'll also find that this title has a second screen game with a different set of features and payouts, and you'll want to stay in that second screen as much as you can.

One Game - Two Screens

A lot of the action in this slot is based on the fact that there is a second screen game. This is common among classic-style games, and the way that it works is pretty straightforward. You start in the main game, and you have a choice whenever you hit certain levels of winnings. You can either collect your winnings to have it added to your account balance, or you can take those winnings to the upper game to use as a secondary balance to play with. You can only wager your winnings from the slot on the upper game, and you should keep as much of your play in that second screen game as you can because the payout rate is higher and the chances of winning, especially with big features, are higher as well.

The Nudge Feature

Across the bottom of the screen where you can see the longboat that the Viking character is standing on, you'll see the numbers one through four in a nudge section. The way this feature works is that you can get up to four free nudges at random after any given spin. You'll pick the reel that you want to nudge, and it'll push that reel forward by one spot. Make certain that you know exactly which payout you're going for when you use this feature because it doesn't automatically give you the best win available. This takes a small degree of skill, but if you just reference the pay table whenever you have this feature pop up, it's pretty easy to make sure you make the best decision each time.

Four Types of Bonus Games

You can get access to four different bonus games depending on which screen you're playing with, and they're activated on random spins. In the first screen, you can a set of three Viking axes for a pinball-based game with some decent prizes. The second screen lets you pick up three of the shields for a random win-based game where you can pick up a payout based on a multiple of your bet size. A ship game where you're trying to sink ships with giant rocks is available for three of the ship symbol, and three of the helmets takes you to the Trilero game.

All of these features are different variations of the same idea: Get prizes for playing Viking-related minigames. It's a good way to immerse players in the theme of the slot.

Other Special Features

There are three other key features in this game. If you get horse figures, you can play spins that give you eight paylines (three horizontal, three vertical and three diagonal). Combinations of sevens can give you random wins between 40x and 200x in the upper game, which also allows you to collect hammer symbols for big wins.

Regular Payouts

Most of your time will be spent in the regular game. A win of 1,000x is yours here for five of the blue diamond, and five of the red diamond symbol gets you 250x. You can also win a simple 50x prize for five of the green diamond. A variety of other wins for bells and fruit symbols can be had, and mixed diamonds pay 2x to make it easier to hit smaller payouts to keep your balance afloat as you shoot for the upper game and better features.


With Vikingos Gold, you'll have a gameplay experience built by MGA that completely centers around the viking raid concept. All of the features, graphics and symbols fit this theme in a very cohesive way, and it has fairly exciting gameplay in spite of the fact that it's a single-line classic slot.



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