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ELK Studios Releasing New DJ Wild Slot


Feature-packed video slots are the most popular type of online casino game running today in terms of pure volume, and ELK Studios knows that as well as anyone. That's probably got something to do with them jamming as many features as they can into their upcoming release DJ Wild that comes out on December 16. This game uses a standard format with five reels and three rows, but they use this basic format as a strong foundation to hold up a ton of action with features and an exciting payout schedule.

Game Format

The layout for DJ Wild is a bit atypical. While there are 10 basic paylines across the 5x3 format, they go in both directions, so it's being billed as having a 20-payline format. In reality, it's probably better described as a 10-payline game that pays in both directions. Something that's interesting about this format is that it was made especially for mobile in a way so that the reels virtually cover the entire screen, and this is an exciting use of visual real estate on the mobile platform.

Game Features

To start things off, this game has a jackpot wild symbol that's the key to nailing some of the biggest wins available in the game. You can also pick up expanding wilds that give you chances to win a lot of payouts that you wouldn't have picked up otherwise, and the multi-line wins that you get with these expanding wilds add a lot of value to the game. Sticky wilds and re-spins are also available in this game, so you're sure to have plenty of different opportunities to get paid.

The Momentum Behind ELK Studios

ELK Studios is full of realists, and they know that they don't really have the portfolio that would attract a major operator to an exclusive contract. Even though this is the case, they don't really need exclusive contracts because of how they handle their business. The contracts they have in place to offer content on platforms with other providers puts their high-quality games in front of tons of players, and the games are able to speak for themselves in this type of environment. DJ Wild is expected to be no different.

When this game comes out on December 16, you can check it out on CasinoLuck.

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