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SlotsMillion Adds Bonus Guard Feature to Protect Players


One of the problems that a lot of players have with online casino bonuses is that they can be tricky when it comes to the terms and conditions. It seems like there's always a mountain of fine print to comb over whenever you want to claim a bonus or other type of promotion, and if you break any of the terms in that wall of text, then your bonus and winnings can be revoked. SlotsMillion has added a feature called Bonus Guard to help players avoid breaking these conditions.

MaxBet Feature

The main tool with the Bonus Guard feature right now protects against maximum bet violations. The way this works is that many bonuses require that you keep your individual wagers below a certain threshold, and this threshold is called the maximum bet value. With Bonus Guard, you'll receive a warning in the form of a pop-up window in front of your game warning you if you are about to break this particular term for your bonus. This will certainly protect some players, even though you do have the option to go ahead and place the bet if you prefer.

Establishing Trust

There are two types of trust in the online casino world. On one hand, there is the trust that a site will pay out when they are supposed to. On the other hand, there's the trust that a site will do whatever it can to protect their players, even when it comes to things like bonus terms and conditions. SlotsMillion is looking to build up the second form of trust to even higher levels, which is appropriate since they already have plenty of the first type of trust already.

Whenever players are given this type of treatment, it shows that the casino cares about more than their bottom line. Giving players an excellent experience like the one that Bonus Guard aims to do definitely sets a trend that we hope other online casinos will pick up on, because this is the type of thing that can change the industry as a whole in a way that very much benefits players, which is something we're always in favor of.


Nina Davidovic, Bonus Guard Feature Keeps Bonus Play Safe at Slots Million Casino, January 29, 2017

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