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One of the problems that so many people have with playing slots online is that they lack the atmosphere and social interaction that you so frequently get from situations of playing slots in land-based establishments. has decided to do something about this, and over the past three years, they've been working on a solution. This solution is finally here in the form of Battle of Slots, an online slots experience that greatly expands the ability to play with friends, family and people from around the world.

The Focus of the Product

The key idea behind Battle of Slots is to provide methods of communication between players. However, this is taken several steps further by expanding the concept into an overarching social slots experience. The idea is to give people the opportunity to challenge each other and take part in games where real money prizes are on the line as people face off and try to see who has the best combination of slots luck and skill at any given time.

The Battle of Slots scoreboard will be kept up-to-date in real time, and it all starts with a set of freerolls that happen each day. You can earn a piece of 500 free spins in the 17:00 GMT edition of these freerolls, and this is the perfect opportunity to challenge someone to see who can win the most free spins in this event. To participate, all you have to do is deposit a minimum of EUR 20 and wager a total of EUR 200 inside of the past seven days. This helps to keep out people who would abuse the promotion.

Additionally, players will be able to challenge players to one-on-one match-ups, sit-and-go style tournaments, re-buy events and more in the coming months.

The Future of Online Slots

There's no denying that this product has a great chance of catching on and becoming the next big thing in the online slots world. Social gaming has already been shown to be a huge influence in the world of online slot right now, and to see co-opting that idea and turning it into a chance for players to compete against each other in the most popular genre of online casino games in the world is very exciting.

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