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Beverly Hills 90210 Coming to OMG! Fortune


One of the biggest television shows of the 1990s was Beverly Hills 90210, a dramatic series about a group of friends who grow up together. It was a massive hit that has millions of fans, and CBS has licensed this television show out to LuckyFish Games for inclusion in the OMG! Fortune social casino app. This is a cool new addition to their already-impressive lineup that they seem to just keep adding to over and over again.

Television Shows to Slots

Something that's interesting about the Beverly Hills 90210 choice is that we don't normally see television shows made into slots unless the show is still running. In terms of dated media, we normally see slots made out of classic movies instead of older television shows. For some reason, the genre just isn't sought after nearly as much. This is obviously about to change with the addition of this new game to the OMG! Fortune social casino, but it's interesting how these dynamics work about what sorts of media companies use and ignore for making these games.

The Social Casino Revolution

There's a revolution happening right now in the social gaming space, and that revolution is driven by casino games. People can't get enough of their play in these social gaming arenas, and casinos are already known for bringing people together in social situations. Now players from all over the world can meet together online instead of having to travel to a land-based operation, and they don't have to worry about how much they spend because all of the gambling is done for points instead of real money.

The iSoftBet Version

If you do want to play Beverly Hills 90210 for real money, then you can do so with a real money version of the game being produced by iSoftBet. This company is known for focusing on quality over quantity, and even though they only have between 60 and 70 titles available at any given time, they're all known for being high-quality games. They've also worked to produce games for many major media icons like Rambo, Bruce Lee, Platoon and others. This makes them a perfect fit for the Beverly Hills 90210 game, and it just shows that there's a wide appeal for games based on older television shows.

Players who want to try Beverly Hills 90210 for real money play can try Leo Vegas Casino.

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