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New November Titles From BetSoft and NuWorks


New online slots are an incredibly important part of the online casino experience because they show that the casinos and software companies that back them are staying up to date with current trends and pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation. Both NuWorks and BetSoft have come out with new titles for the month of November, and while they cover a wide range of different themes, they all have something in common: an incredible experience for players.

BetSoft's Alkemor's Tower 3D Slot

The new Alkemor's Tower slot by BetSoft features 3D graphics like a lot of their Slots3 line, a line that's become known for causing a paradigm shift in the video slots community. This game is based on the four basic elements: water, air, earth and fire. However, it also includes wizards and a lot of magic-based bonus rounds. You can win free spins in the Arcane Observatory or you can jump into a study of Nature Magic for some pretty high-paced wins. This is another good example of BetSoft using an atypical theme combined with solid gameplay elements to create a great overall experience.

NuWorks' Three Stooges Classic Slot

NuWorks has brought back the classic Three Stooges for their newest addition, a classic slot with three reels and five paylines. While many people sleep on the classic slot genre thinking that it doesn't have enough room for creative features, NuWorks has shown a fair amount of innovation in bringing this classic television show to the reels. You'll benefit from an auto-nudge feature and see all three of the hilarious Stooges on the reels with a chance to win up to nine free spins for even better wins. What's important to note is that this game has a high volatility and a 333x top win along with multiple bonus features.

Evolution of the Industry

From about 2007 through around 2011, the vast majority of new releases were plain video slots thrown together with a scatter symbol, a wild and a bonus feature like a pick-a-box round or free spins. Things have progressed quite a bit since then, and you can see companies like NuWorks and BetSoft really breaking out of this mold and showing people that they have a lot more to offer.

If you want to try Alkemor's Tower, check out CasinoLuck. For the new Three Stooges game, try Buzzluck Casino.

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