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Realistic Games Launches Fireworks Full Screen Slot


One thing about the online slots industry is that innovation is everything, and without innovation, you're going to end up being left behind. Realistic Games has a good track record for trying new things, and that's exactly what they're doing with their newest release. With the Fireworks online slot, you're going to be playing in a full screen environment that takes advantage of the extra screen space by delivering with very impressive graphics for an excellent overall visual appeal.

About the Fireworks Slot

This new Fireworks slot uses five reels with 10 paylines. One of the main things that drives the gameplay is the fireworks that the game is named after. A long fuse runs under the reels, and when you get a reel that has all three symbols matching, you'll ignite the fuse. Once the fuse reaches the edge of the reels and the fireworks, then you'll see a big, explosive show. This leads to some extra wins along with a fireworks show that will have a lot of players coming back for more over and over again.

Progress of Visual Presentation

One of the most important things about video slots is presentation. They have to give players a good visual appeal before they can really deliver on a strong experience. Companies like NetEnt and BetSoft really changed the industry by focusing on quality over the quantity of games, and this shifted the industry as a whole towards a more visually-oriented product. What Realistic Games is doing with the fireworks slot is showing that graphical quality isn't the only aspect of the overall visual experience, and what you do with those graphics and how that connects to the central gameplay of the slot matters a lot as well.

About Realistic Games

Realistic Games is a software company that focuses almost exclusively on online slots. They've done a good job of coming up with atypical ways to advance the genre, and this shift on what's important with the visual presentation of Fireworks and the full screen format is another example of them trying something else that the competition hasn't thought of yet. This constant pressure to improve is something that has gotten them a lot of attention and a lot of content distribution deals with major casinos.

If you want to try this game, you can do so at BetVictor Casino.

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