Jewel Quest Riches

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1 Reels 5
2. Paylines
3. Progressive Yes
4. Maximum coins N/A
5. Jackpot 24000
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 2400
7. Multiplier Yes
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins Yes
10. Betting range from $0.1 up to $10
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.1 up to $10
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol Yes

Jewel Quest is one of the most important casual games of all time. The concept is based around matching sets of gems within a confined space so that each individual space has a gem matched on it at some point. The Jewel Quest Riches slot by Old Skool Studios captures all of this action while adding a bit of its own. This comes in the form of a plethora of great features, and it offers players plenty of ways to win some serious cash.

Game Format

When you first take a look at this slot, you'll notice right away that it does not use the traditional payline structure. Instead, it gives players five columns and five rows of symbols with an opportunity to line up wins horizontally or vertically anywhere on the game board. You'll want to line up at least three matching symbols for a win, and since all of your winnings are based on your total bet size, it's very easy to know exactly how much you stand to win at any given time.

Cascading Multipliers

The cascade feature is the thing about the regular gameplay that will really drive things along for players. When you get a winning combination, it is paid out, and then the winning symbols explode off of the screen, just like they would in a regular Jewel Quest game. From there, new symbols fall down into place, and you get a chance to win again as long as you keep hitting winning combinations with those cascades.

What adds so much more value to this feature is that there are increasing multipliers with this as well. You'll have a 1x multiplier on your initial spin, but each cascade adds one to that, so the second set of wins are multiplied by 2x, the third by 3x, and so on. The maximum multiplier you can get from this feature is 13x.

Jewel Quest Bonus Feature

The main bonus feature in this game is based around traditional Jewel Quest-style play. You'll start off in this feature by getting three of the lion scattered bonus symbol on the reels at the same time. They appear on the first, third and fifth vertical columns only. Once you do this, your payouts will be paid normally, and then you'll be taken to a map where you'll be able to choose which of eight different worlds you want to play in.

You'll be given between eight and 12 moves, and each move is spent whenever you get three matching gems or more after switching gems in the game. They can match horizontally or vertically only, and you have a chance to win a big jackpot if you're able to turn all of the tiles gold. You turn a tile gold by matching gems on it.

Mystery Multipliers

Inside of the bonus feature, you can hit a match of four or more to reveal random relics. Each relic gives you a chance to get multipliers on your total win from the feature, so you have an incentive to get bigger matches as much as possible during this feature. You can get a maximum of six relics along these lines.

Payouts and Wild Symbols

The wild symbol in this game is a round, multi-colored gem. It will substitute to make winning combinations. If you can get wins in different directions, it will count for all of them, so it can actually count several times if the symbols fall in the right way.

Aside from that, your wins are based on how many of a symbol you get in a match at a time in the regular mode or the bonus feature. You'll get 4x for three, 10x for four and 20x for five. Six of a kind pays 30x, seven earns 100x, and eight will get you 200x. You can win a large 1,000x for nine in a matching set, and 10 or more will pay the largest regular pay in the game of 2,000x.

These wins are a bit typical compared to how pays are given in other online slots, but you're given several wins on each winning spin in a lot of cases thanks to the cascade feature and the nature of the game itself. This increases the hit-rate and lowers the volatility.

Our Thoughts

The Jewel Quest Riches slot is a great example of tying in a casual game with matching gameplay into an online slot. Old Skool Studios also has a content distribution deal with Microgaming, so this game (and all of their other titles) are available on the Microgaming Quickfire platform. With a wide accessibility and a great visual style, you'll also be given action-packed gameplay in this slot. The popularity of games like Jewel Quest has not died down for a very long time, and there's no reason to think that this slot will be any different.

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