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1 Reels 3
2. Paylines 1
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 1
5. Jackpot 20000
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 100
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol No
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range from $0.1 up to $200
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.1 up to $200
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game No
14. Wild symbol No
15. Payout percent 96.75

Fibonacci was a remarkably talented mathematician from the Middle Age Italy, so it is fitting to name the game where math plays a significant role after him. One might expect a Fibonacci sequence, with each number being the sum of two preceding ones, to be present in some way, but that is not the case.

This title brought by BF Games comes in form of a 3x3 virtual slot machine with one payline and three different symbols, and is as simple as a slot game can be, albeit very beautifully designed.


BF Games is rather well known for its thematically rich slot releases and this one is no exception.

Fibonacci takes you to the mythical and magical setting with a colorful, pastel background coming through the transparent slot machine and minimal, but fitting animation.

The Zen-like music and a rather calm and slower-paced spin of the vibrantly colored cards, make it one of the most relaxing slot games out there, which is a direct opposite of the usual loud and energetic approach found in most such releases.

Betting Options and Functions

The betting range is 0.01 to 200, both in coins and in one of three available currencies – American Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Euro.

The maximum coin jackpot is that of 100 coins and the maximum cash jackpot goes up to 20,000.00$!

RTP of 96.75 is a bit higher and the variance falls within a medium range, but only one pay line on a 3x3 grid will occasionally test your patience.

When it comes to the dashboard, it is kept as minimal as possible. On the far left is the option to toggle music on and off, followed by the settings menu that lets you set the reality check to every 30, 60 or 90 minutes and an information menu that clearly explains the game rules.

In the middle are the spin and auto spin buttons and your balance is displayed on the right.

In part due to its simplicity and also because it was designed in HTML5, the game works equally well on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

What Are The Features?

As already mentioned, there are three cards of different colors, each with their value, that have to align one next to another on a single available pay line for a win. Any three cards that land this way grant x5 win, blue card is worth x25, green one x50 and as the highest win symbol, the orange cards multiply your bet by x100.

The highest win of 20,000.00 can be achieved via the three orange cards in the line if you set your bet to the maximum of 200.

There are no Scatter or Wild symbols, no multipliers, and no free spins. When it comes to the specific and unique features, there aren't any.

Our Take

Fibonacci, developed and provided by BF Games is most certainly one of the simplest video slot titles you will come across.

The lack of any kind of bonus feature takes away the accompanying excitement as you chase it on the reels, adding to the overall relaxing feel of this game. On the other hand, this title seems perfect for the beginners, whilst still offering some more than decent wins and a potentially high jackpot prize.



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