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1 Reels 3
2. Paylines
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins N/A
5. Jackpot
6. Maximum jackpot in coins
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol No
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range N/A
11. Coin Bet Range N/A
12. Coins per line
13. Bonus Game No
14. Wild symbol No

Maori is an online slot based loosely around the Maori people, which are the indigenous Polynesians of New Zealand. This islander theme is captured with tremendous graphics in this game, and Endorphina has done an amazing job in putting together top-tier visuals. You can tell that a lot of effort went into the aesthetics of this game, but the gameplay is great as well. They have both ends of the overall experience taken care of here, and it helps this game to be very solid all-around.

Slot Format and Layout

This game is a nine-payline video slot. It uses five reels and three rows, like most video slots do. What's important to note here is that it's an advanced game in terms of graphics and design, and we don't see many titles use nine paylines that come from this particular era of the genre. Instead, we normally see ten-payline games instead, so this is definitely a throwback to an older style.

Players can wager up to 10 coins on each of the paylines. This creates a situation where you can bet between nine and 90 coins per spin, so you'll have a tremendous number of options in terms of picking out the exact bet size you want.

Scatters and Free Spins

The scatter looks like a golden sun with blue features, and it appears on all reels. Five of a kind pays a serious 4,500x win, and you can get paid with two or more anywhere on the reels. Three or more also triggers the free spins feature, which is handled in a very atypical way.

You start out with three blue sun symbols up above the reels. You'll get unlimited free spins until those blue suns disappear. Each red sun symbol that you get on the reels takes a blue sun away from your count, and each green sun adds one on. Along similar lines, you can't re-trigger the feature during the bonus round. This is a very atypical way of handling the free spins, and it's obviously completely packed with value because you also get a 3x multiplier on every single one of your wins during this feature. We have to give major props to Endorphina for this approach.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol has a few different characters on it in a circle motif on a square symbol. You'll get these on all of the reels, and five of a kind pays 9,000x. You can also sore 2,500x for four of a kind, and you only need two to get paid.

It's worth nothing that this is also a wild multiplier symbol. Whenever you get a winning combination that includes at least one of these, then you'll be given a 2x multiplier on your payout. This stacks with the multiplier from the free spins to give you total multipliers as high as 6x.

Top-tier Character Symbols

There is an older man with a blue background and a woman in red, and they are the top two character symbols. They pay 750x for five of a kind of either, and you only need two of a kind to win. All other symbols need three of a kind or more to pay out. For example, you can score five of a kind of the man in yellow for 400x, but you need at least three to get paid. Five of the younger man in cyan or the woman in green will get you 250x.

Low-end Symbols

There are six symbols used for the bottom pays, and they seem to be some sort of Maori symbols. At the very least, they are in a style that works really well with the rest of the theme. The green and red symbols pay out 125x for five of a kind. The tan swirl, tan solid symbol, purple and blue symbols all pay out 100x for five of a kind.

We have to really give it to Endorphina here for not just using card rank symbols like most software providers seem to want to do. It's a crutch that we wish these companies would stop using because it can really hurt a game, and it only takes a minimal amount of effort to add in other minor symbols that fit the theme much better.

Our Thoughts

This is an excellent game that Endorphina has produced. The Maori slot has excellent graphics that show a ton of effort was put into the game, and the bonus feature is handled in a way that's very atypical and that provides players with an overwhelming amount of value. With different multipliers thrown into the mix and high top payouts, this is definitely a game that brings it. We think that just about any type of slots fan will like this title.



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