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1 Reels 3
2. Paylines 5
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 50
5. Jackpot 7770
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 7770
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol No
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range from $0.01 up to $50
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $1
12. Coins per line 10
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol No
15. Payout percent 96

One of the things that Endorphina does particularly well is put together games that combine both old and new concepts. This is the case with their 7up! slot. This is a game in an older style, but it has a type of bonus feature that we can't remember having seen before that gives players chances to run up some jackpot-level wins. The gameplay itself is fun as well with a balanced pay table that centers around better payouts than you would typically get in a game with this type of format on the lower end.

A Classic Format

What you'll see when you first look at this game might make it look like there are six reels. There are really only three, but the reason it may look like that is that all of the symbols are pairs of fruit (or other items). This is purely for the visual effect, and it doesn't change the core functionality of the game. Along these lines, there are three reels of symbols as well, and you'll find five paylines available in this game as well.

Keep all five paylines activated to boost your average payouts by keeping the return to player percentage as high as possible (aka keeping the house advantage as low as possible). You'll have options to bet up to 10 coins on each of the five paylines for a betting range of five to 50 coins per spin. Additionally, you can choose coins that go from $0.01 to $1 each. This leads to a range of bets that starts down at the super-low $0.05 per turn and that goes as high as $50, which is obviously enough of a spread for all players to be able to find a bet size that fits their comfort level.

Getting Value From the Pay Table

Something that's a bit different in this style of game compared to video slots is that you'll typically get more value from features in the five-reel version. However, it's more the case that you'll get value from the regular pay table in games with three reels, and that's the case here as well. While the main feature does provide a pretty great value, you have to realize that the overwhelming majority of the gameplay is about trying to hit three-of-a-kind wins. This creates a more relaxing style of play, but it's not for everyone. Keep that in mind before you go to play this game.

7up! Bonus Feature

To activate the main feature in this slot, you'll need to get the same symbol on all nine spots that you can see on the 3x3 layout. Do this, and you get taken to a second screen that has a circle that consists of different symbols and multiplier numbers. You get your payout for all five wins on each of the five paylines, but you have a chance to get a multiplier on that payout as well. You get seven chances to hit a multiplier that will extend the size of your win.

However, if you hit other symbols before you hit a multiplier amount, which goes up to 7x (of course), then you get instant wins based on those amounts. You can get 1,000x for a purple seven in this feature, for instance. Other bonus wins of 200x for a star, 100x for a bar, 50x for a watermelon, 40x for grapes, 35x for cherries, 30x for raspberries, 25x for lemons and 20x for oranges are available as well.

Balanced Payline Wins

Three of the purple seven symbol gets you a win of 777x, the top regular payout in the whole game. Three of the star symbols are worth 200x, and you can pick up 77x for three of a kind of the bar. Moving onto the fruit, the watermelon is up first with a 50x win for three, and it steps down to 40x for three of the grapes. Wins of 35x and 30x are yours for three of the cherries or raspberries, and it's 25x and 20x for three of the lemons or oranges, respectively.

What you'll notice is that there aren't any of the characteristic super-small wins that you see with a lot of games. That's one thing that's particularly solid about the pay table as a whole in that all of the wins are pretty good, even on the lower end.


Endorphina's 7up! slot is characteristic of their three-reel games in a few ways. First, it uses 2D graphics that are of a reasonably high quality instead of going for over-the-top, 3D graphics that are a bit too much for what they're going for in the game. Second, it has a different type of feature than what you typically find, and that's one of the ways they really mix things up. Finally, it has a balanced pay table with good wins at all levels to make sure that you never hit a payout and then feel resentful for how small it was relative to your bet size, which is something a lot of games from other software providers suffer from.

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