Moirai Blaze

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1 Reels 7
2. Paylines
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins N/A
5. Jackpot 1600
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 400
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol No
9. Free Spins Yes
10. Betting range from $0.2 up to $80
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $4
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game No
14. Wild symbol Yes
15. Payout percent 96

Iron Dog Studio has made a name for itself by using themes that stand out from what the rest of the industry is doing. With their Moirai Blaze slot, they've captured some of the magic of the Hindu festival called Diwali, which is known as a giant festival of lights. This four-day festival is a celebration of life and a key part of a number of bits of mythology of its gods and goddesses.

Visually, it's a game that looks wonderful with an innovative background that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The gameplay itself is solid as well and does not fall into the patterns that you typically think of when you think of video slots.

Layout and Format

Greeting you when you first start playing this game is a large seven-by-seven grid of symbols that look like different types of gems. They vary in shape and color, so it's easy to tell them apart. Wins are determined by what are called clusters in this game, which are matching sets of symbols that touch each other vertically or horizontally. Clusters of five or more give you winning combinations.

Betting for a game like this can be made very complicated, as we have seen from a number of titles from other software developers. However, in this slot, they've based everything around having 20 coins on each spin, and all of your wins are based on amounts of coins earned. The coin sizes go from $0.01 to $5 apiece for total bet sizes of $0.20 to $100. We think that this is an affordable range that works for low stakes fans and those who prefer higher stakes as well.

Wild Gem Symbol

There are a handful of special gem symbols that you need to know about that don't just give regular payouts. The first of those is the wild. It has a sort of pink color with a golden star in the middle of it. It will count as all non-feature symbols and can actually be a part of multiple winning combinations at the same time.

Replacer Symbol

The replacer symbol has a red core with white around it, and it gives one of two features. On the one hand, it can create a diagonal cross shape of all matching symbols, which makes it easier to get winning combinations. On the other hand, it can replace all of the symbols on the game board with symbols of another type. This also makes it easier to get paid, and it will always replace those symbols with wilds in the free spins for a huge value.

Golden Exploder

The exploder symbol is golden and solid with a star symbol on it in a slightly different color of gold. This will destroy symbols in a cross pattern or all of the symbols of one type on the board. Whenever it does this, it leaves a wild symbol behind in the spot it was taking up.

Avalanche Feature

One thing that's critical to note about this game is that it centers around an avalanche feature. Whenever you get a winning combination, those symbols disappear, and new ones fall down into place to give you more chances to pick up cluster wins and feature symbols. This continues over and over until no new wins are available.

Free Spins Bonus Mode

If you destroy more than 100 symbols in a given spin (including the avalanche feature and other features), then you'll be given a set of 15 free spins. During the free spins mode, all feature symbols are collected in a sidebar, and they are all released on the last spin to give you a mega chance at big wins.

We want to reiterate that the replacer symbol always replaces using wild symbols during this free spins mode, which leads to much better winning opportunities for obvious reasons, especially on the final spin.

During this free spins mode as well, you can get the Ganesha Powerball symbol, which is gold with a red star. This gives an extra free spins and increases the multiplier by a factor of one for the rest of the free turns.

Calculating Wins

There are seven symbols in this game that pay out regularly. They are the purple pentagon, the blue square, the green hexagon, the yellow diamond, the orange octagon, the red star and the pink circle. All of these symbols have the same size of payout, which starts at 2x for five of a kind in a cluster. This increases to the 400x level for clusters of 21 or more with lots of varying levels in between.

Our Thoughts

We are often big fans of games that use atypical formats, so we're probably going to be a bit biased towards Moirai Blaze from the beginning. However, the gameplay itself and the plethora of features and multiple wins thanks to the avalanche feature really drive home how good of a title this is.

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