Auto Show

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1 Reels 5
2. Paylines 20
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 20
5. Jackpot 100000
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 10000
7. Multiplier Yes
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range from $0.1 up to $200
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.1 up to $10
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol Yes

Auto Show Review

The Auto Show slot is the perfect online slot for anyone who has a deep interest in cars. This slot uses all manner of car types to present a visually stunning slot. There are custom cars, classic cars, and exotic cars that are used to draw in any car enthusiast to try this slot. Once car lovers try this slot, they will find themselves addicted to the ease of gameplay, and the great chances of winning money. Even if you have little interest in cars beyond using them as a method of transport, this slot can be fun. 

Basic Features

Players must first set the value of their coins in order to play the game. Coins can be valued between $0.10 and $10, giving users a wide range of gambling options, for low risk slots, to higher risk gambling. It follows a typical five reel slot with twenty different pay lines that are used to play the slots. 

There are several car themed symbols that spin on the reels. These include a red car, a yellow car, a turquoise car, a green car, a GPS device, a tire, a speedometer, a purple car, keys, a blue car, a yellow Jeep, and last but not least, a pink car. 

Special Features

The pink car acts as the scatter symbol, and can be used to make matches that go beyond the common pay lines, and do not need to follow the same rules. It means more money for you, without working as hard for it. 

The red car is the bonus symbol, and with three of these, players can unlock the Holiday Hotel bonus game. In this game, users will be able to pick different car parts out of a car garage. Each of the parts that are uncovered will lead to a new prize, most commonly being multipliers. This game can be very rewarding for those who are able to choose wisely. 

Of course, this game also has a wild, which is designated by the yellow jeep. The wild can be used as a substitute for any other symbol as well as a multiplier. Multipliers will value between two, five, and ten times the value of players winnings. 

Finally, the green cars work as the jackpot symbol, and are the hardest to spin. In order to maximize the power of the green car, all five cars must be showing on the reels. With a maximum bet, players can win $100,000, and with the minimum bet, a $1,000 can be won. 


No matter if you are a car enthusiast or someone who just uses a car to get to work and back, this slot machine has something for everyone. It has a wide ranging betting system, as well as a large jackpot that can be won. The graphics are stunning, and add to the allure of the cars, and the overall mood of the slot. It can be fun, entertaining, and extremely addicting. 



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