8-Ball Slots

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1 Reels 3
2. Paylines 1
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 2
5. Jackpot 10000
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 2000
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol No
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range from $0.05 up to $10
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.05 up to $5
12. Coins per line 2
13. Bonus Game No
14. Wild symbol No

8-Ball Review

Pool is one of the most enjoyed bar games all around the world. The rules are simple - get all of your balls into the holes around the table, whether you are playing the striped balls or the solid balls, and then try and sink the lucky black 8-ball. It takes skill to actually play this deceptively simple game, and not everyone can actually play it effectively. However, with PlayTech’s 8-Ball online slot machine, players do not need to have the same skills as they do in real pool. Any player can sink the magic 8-Ball with this exciting new slot game

Basic Features

8-Ball online slot follows a classic three spinning reel format, which means that it only has one active pay line. Users must chose the value of their coins, and can only bet two coins at a time on any one spin.  There are two buttons which will designate how many coins players will bet. The bet one button will bet one coin only, and bet max will set the bet at two coins. 

In order to make it clear if players have won or not, the pay table above the reel will  show in highlights what combination the reels have show, and how much money it will be worth. The lowest numbers on the balls are going to be worth the least, and the highest numbers are going to be worth more. However, the highest earning ball is the magic 8-ball. 

The symbols are all of course pool balls. There are two sets, just like in the real game. The striped balls are the yellow 9, red 1, orange 13, pink 15, green 14, purple 12, and blue 10. For the solid balls, here is the green 6, purple 4, blue 2, yellow 1, red 3, orange 5, and red 7. Finally, there is the solid black 8 ball which is work 2,000 coins. 

In order to make winning combinations, players must match either three of the same identical ball, or match three of the same type of ball, whether striped or solid. Matching three of the same identical ball is worth more money than matching three of the same type of ball. 

Special Features

Like it’s fellow 3 reel slots online, 8-Ball online slots does not use any special features of bonuses to entice players, or make the game play any easier. There are no wilds, scatters, multipliers, or bonus games. It is a simple spin and win game, with no gimmicks. 


Much like the real game of pool, players must have patience and belief in themselves to play this game Players chances of winning are not small, but nor are the immensely large. The winnings can be fairly large for those who do not mind waiting for the win. It can be fun for beginners to test their interest, or for veterans who are looking for something new.

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