Try Alchemist's Lab Slot slot for real money!

2.Pay lines1
4.Maximum coins1 coins
6.Maximum jackpot in10000 coins
8.Scatter symbolNo
9.Free SpinsNo
10.Betting rangefrom $1 up to $3
11.Coin Bet Rangefrom $1 up to $1
12.Coins per line3
13.Bonus GameYes
14.Wild symbolNo

Alchemist’s Lab Review 

Alchemy has long been a convoluted subject of study for mankind, becoming a kind of mixture between magic and science that we cannot explain. Put simply, it is the mixing of ingredients to create potions, elixirs, and other medical and personal items. In PlayTech’s latest slot, Alchemist’s Lab, players are able to go straight into the mind of the alchemist, and see his recipe book, how he creates even his most treasured potions. For players, these potions are winning combination of the reels, and the money which will accompany them. It is an interesting, beautiful, and fun game that everyone can enjoy. 

Basic Features

This slot is a simple three reel, one pay line slot. The game makers decided to forgo any fancy multiply pay lines, or multiple reels. Rather they use a classic format for a classic theme. Coins are only valued at $0.01, $0.02, and $0.03, making this slot the quintessential penny slot. The coin choices are shown at the bottom of the reel, where there are three options, bet one, bet two, and bet max. Obviously, bet one will bet $0.01, bet two will bet $0.02, and bet max will bet $0.03. In order to make it as clear as possible for users, a green bottle of potion on the right side of the reels show what the current bet is. 

There is also a blue bottle of potion on the left side of the reels, which show how much the player has won when they make a winning combination. It will also unfortunately show players that they have won $0 if they do not spin a winning combination. 

There are five main symbols in this game, and one bonus symbol. The five main symbols are the coin with a woman on it, a red potion, a green potion, a blue potion, and a ring with red writing on it. The bonus symbol is a red leather bound book that has the letters A and L on it with white lettering. 

Surprisingly, there is no autobet or auto spin feature that will make it easier for players to spin without needing to click it every spin. Rather, players will have to take the time to click on the coin value they would like to bet with each and every time. 

The matching of three coins in worth the most amount of coins, followed by the red potion, the green potion, the blue potion, and the rings. 

Bonus Features

There is only one bonus feature in this game. Matching three of the red leather bound books activates it. In the bonus game, players must find the correct formulation that will allow them to create gold from potions. Players will only get this bonus if they are able to correctly guess the formulation for gold. 


All in all Alchemist’s Lab is the perfect online slot machine for beginners who are just entered the world of online gambling. It is fun, easy to understand, yet addicting.




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    Alchemists 20lab 201

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