Star Fall

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1 Reels 5
2. Paylines 25
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 25
5. Jackpot 2000
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 500
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins Yes
10. Betting range from $0.25 up to $100
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $4
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game No
14. Wild symbol Yes
15. Payout percent 96.61

Star Fall is a title produced by Push Gaming that is centered around handling features in a different way than what you normally see. Instead of dealing with symbols spread across the reels for these features, you're sealing with symbols that fall down the reels instead, which is where it gets its name from. It has fruit, diamonds, bells and other symbols that will remind you of an older style of games, but the graphics are fairly crisp with all things considered.

Slot Format

The main grid of symbols for this game has five vertical symbols. There are also three horizontal rows, and all 25 paylines are static and cannot be turned on and off. This means that the minimum price per spin is $0.25, which correlates to a $0.01 coin size, and the maximum bet allowed is $100 per turn, which is tied to $4 coin sizes. The betting itself is simplified a bit compared to most other slots, however, because you'll only pick from the actual amounts you want to bet on each spin instead of having to deal with adjusting coin sizes or picking out how many coins you want to wager on individual paylines, all of which can be confusing and over-complicated.

Wild Star Symbol

With the wild symbol, you start to get a feeling for why this game is called Star Fall. If you see stars falling on the reels, then you're in luck. This is because the stars themselves are wild symbols, and they always show up stacked in sets of three. This makes it possible to get two or three of the wild on the same reel on the same spin, which drastically increases your opportunities for multi-line payouts. The wilds do not get their own payouts in this game, but they do put you in a much better position to get even better payouts than you would have otherwise.

Falling Stars Respin Feature

If you get at least one wild on the reels, you'll get a re-spin. This has all of the reels with wild symbols move forward one position to give you extra chances to win. This is made to be a reasonable feature by the fact that the wild symbols always show up in a stack.

Scattered Coin Symbol

Things get pretty interesting when you look at this game's scatter symbol. The middle reel is the only reel that holds these symbols, and they're coins that have stars on them. They always appear stacked, and you'll need to get all three of them to show up on the middle reel at the same time to trigger the free spins bonus feature. When you do so, you'll be given six free spins with some extra goodies.

During these free spins, the coins become collectable. On top of that, they start showing up on all three of the middle reels instead of just the third one. If you collect three coins on the same reel during this feature, and they don't have to all be on the same spin, then that reel turns wild and stays that way for the entire remainder of the feature. You don't need us to tell you how much value that can lead to.

Payouts and Important Symbols

The diamond symbol is a symbol you want to see as much as possible because five of a kind on a payline gets you a solid 500x win. You can also pick up a 300x payout in two different ways with five of either the bell or the watermelon symbol. Another tier of payouts starts with the cherry symbol, which pays 150x when you get five, and you can also get five of the bunch of grapes for a 150x win. The lowest fruit symbol payout is 100x for five of the lemons.

Four other symbols make up the bottom level of this pay table, and they are all card ranks. The red A allows you to win the same as five of the orange K symbol, and they each pay 80x for five. Five of either the green Q or purple J will get you 50x, the lowest five-of-a-kind payout in the game.

In Summary

Push Gaming makes a lot of great-looking games, but Star Fall's graphics are a bit closer to average. The gameplay is the focus here, and by using vertical motifs instead of horizontal ones, it seems they were experimenting with a different types of gameplay in this release. As a part of their portfolio as a whole, it's a decent enough game, and the feature set really drives a fair enough experience for players. However, on its own, it doesn't really hold up to what the rest of their games are like, and it's easy to see why this is one of games in their overall collection that has the least popularity.



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