God of Wealth

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1 Reels 5
2. Paylines 25
3. Progressive Yes
4. Maximum coins 25
5. Jackpot 2500
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 10000
7. Multiplier Yes
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins Yes
10. Betting range from $0.01 up to $6.25
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $0.25
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game No
14. Wild symbol Yes

It can often seem like everyone's goal in life, to some degree at least, is to become wealthy. That's one of the things that really pulls in a lot of players when it comes to playing online slots, and Realtime Gaming has a game that surrounds this theme with God of Wealth. The concept of this game centers around Chinese mythology and their god devoted to distributing and maintaining wealth. You'll find a lot of Chinese-inspired graphics and sound in this game, and you'll have opportunities to win a lot of different payouts.

The Progressive Jackpot

At the very beginning here, we want to address the progressive jackpot in this game. As a part of RTG's Real Series of slots, this title has a relatively small progressive jackpot, and you can see the total value for this jackpot at the top of the screen. When it's won, which is fairly often, it will reset back down to the $1,000 level. However, you don't need to hit any kind of certain set of symbols to win this game: It's awarded at random at the end of a spin. The chances of hitting this jackpot are proportional to the size of the bet you're using in the game, and this keeps things fair. For example, betting $0.50 per spin will have twice the chances of winning the progressive than if you were to bet $0.25 per spin.

Format of the Slot

The format of this game is fairly typical, and it uses five reels with three rows and 25 total paylines. Bet sizes are chosen based on the total amount you'll bet on the spin instead of picking coin sizes, and this range goes from $0.25 per spin to $6.25. For those who are interested, this is the same as playing with coins that range from $0.01 to $0.25 apiece. Note that while you can change the number of paylines used in this slot, we suggest that you do not. If you need a lower bet size, then lower the size of your wager itself instead of the number of paylines. Dropping paylines also drops features, and this hurts the overall RTP of the time.

The God of Wealth Symbol and Scatters

This is the wild symbol in this game, and he shows up on the center reel only during the main game. He acts as a 2x wild multiplier, so when you hit a winning combo, if it uses a wild, then you get twice the normal prize. This is a significant source of value in the game, and even though you won't hit winning combinations with it extremely often, it happens often enough that it can be the difference between having a winning session or not.

The scatter symbols in this game are the gold ingots that look a lot like a golden crown or paper weight. They appear on all five reels, and you can pick up two of them to win back a prize worth the size of your bet. Three gives you access to the free spins bonus round, and four gives you the bonus plus 10 times your bet. A whooping prize of 200 times your entire wager in addition to a go at the free spins bonus round is yours if you get five of this symbol on the reels at the same time, regardless of location.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

During the free spins, the God of Wealth wild multiplier will show up on every single reel. You'll get 10 free turns at a time. The wild gives you special payouts during this bonus as well, and a 10,000x win is yours if you get five on an activated payline. Four is good for a 2,500 secondary jackpot, and players will pick up 250 for three. The only non-scatter symbol in the game that pays for two of a kind is this wild, and you're guaranteed a 25x payout accordingly.

To give you even more value, during the free spins, three major symbols are replaced by wilds on every spin. The ox, tiger and dragon are all replaced by wilds automatically.

Other Wins

Typically, five of the dragon earns 5,000x, but it can get kicked up to 10,000x if it uses a wild symbol. The tiger pays 2,500x normally, and it can also get doubled to 5,000x with the wild multiplier. Five of the ox gets you 500x (or 1,000x). Additionally, five of the dragon mask gives players 300x (or 600x), and five of the lantern symbol pays out the same. Six different number 8 symbols in different colors are also on the reels, and that makes sense because this is a lucky number in Chinese numerology.


Overall, the God of Wealth slot is a solid game with an in-depth bonus feature that incorporates a lot of value thanks to the wilds. With a number of high jackpots, including a progressive, this is a game that jackpot hunters will fall in love with.

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