Auction Day

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1 Reels 9
2. Paylines 8
3. Progressive Yes
4. Maximum coins 80
5. Jackpot 120
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 12000
7. Multiplier Yes
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins No
10. Betting range from $0.2 up to $10
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $0.01
12. Coins per line 10
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol Yes

If you've ever been to an auction house, you've probably seen all kinds of different things up for grabs. The Auction Day online slot takes advantage of that type of atmosphere by offering up a virtual auction house for you to play with. This game has absolutely amazing graphics, definitely rivaling industry leaders in high-quality slots, and they somehow manage to capture the true absurdity of some of the things you would see up for auction in places like this.

Game Format

This game uses three reels with three rows. Because each individual symbol on the game spins independently, you could say it has nine reels, but that's not really true in the traditional understanding of reels meaning vertical lines in these games. There are, however, eight different paylines: three vertical, three horizontal and two diagonal. This adds a bit more action to the reels than you're probably used to seeing in a three-reel game. Bet sizes are based on 20 coins per spin, and you can choose coin values ranging from $0.01 and up. The minimum bet per spin is $0.20 along these lines.

Regular Payouts

There are a total of eight regular payouts in this game. The largest normal win is 240x when you line up three of the ring symbol. You can also score 160x for three of a kind in the ship in a bottle symbol, or you can make it a close 120x for three of the film projector symbol. Already with the top three paying symbols, you can see that there is a pretty significant level of variation in what the types of symbols are. This really reflects the level of randomness that you can see in real auction houses at times.

Next up is the 80x payout for three of the bust, and you can get 60x for three of the dresser. The coffee pot goes for 40x for three of a kind. Three of the globe, a staple in these types of auctions, goes for 30x, and you can earn a 20x win for three of the clock symbol. All of these symbols pay for three of a kind only, which is usual for three-reel games.

Cascade Feature

There's a cascade-like feature in this game that we've never seen before in a three-reel game. When you hit a winning combination, new symbols fall into place after the winning symbols disappear, and you can get extra payouts on what amounts to a free respin. What's more is that your payouts on these subsequent respins are hit with a strong 5x multiplier. This means you can get some pretty serious payouts with this feature.

Game Flash Feature

Three of the game flash symbol activates the game flash feature. This either gives you a randomly chosen bonus feature from the three below, or it gives you one of three random cash prizes. It's basically filler to give you even more value that you would have gotten otherwise with better chances to score a bonus feature or instant payout that you wouldn't have received if this symbol wasn't in the game.

Coin Collector Feature

Three of the coin collector symbol activates the coin collector feature. For the next 20 spins, you'll collect coin symbols that can give you prizes. Each copper coin pays 60 coins, picking up two silver coins earns 200 coins, and getting three of the gold coin will take you to the jackpot flash feature. These coins are also wild.

Antique Hunt Feature

The antique hunt feature is activated by three of the antique hunt symbol. This is essentially a mini-board game where you get 10 rolls of a die and get to choose different spots to land on to try to find antiques. You can get instant wins for the antiques you collect in this feature, and it's really an atypical way of awarding value since it definitely has a bit of a skill factor in determining which path you'll take throughout the game on the board.

Auction Feature

Three or more of the auction symbol gets you an auction bonus round. This is all about selling your items to the highest bidder, and you'll have an interactive experience where each offer for your items will give you payouts. This feature is interesting in that it ties directly into the premise of the game from the standpoint of the person doing the auctioning instead of the person doing the buying, which is what we would have expected instead.

Jackpot Flash

There are different ways to activate the jackpot flash feature, but the basic idea is that you get a random chance at a static payout or one of the two jackpots listed at the top of the screen during regular play. You can win up to 700 coins if you don't hit the regular jackpot or up to 2,400x coins if you don't hit the super jackpot in this feature.

Our Thoughts

Auction Day is a really great slot. It has an atypical format, tons of features, top-tier graphics and a matching soundtrack. This game is essentially Magnet Gaming putting the rest of the online slots industry on notice, and if they continue to produce games like this, then they'll definitely end up in the upper tier of software providers sooner rather than later.



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