Gold n Gems

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1 Reels 5
2. Paylines 20
3. Progressive Yes
4. Maximum coins 20
5. Jackpot 6250
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 5000
7. Multiplier No
8. Scatter symbol No
9. Free Spins Yes
10. Betting range from $0.2 up to $25
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $1.25
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol Yes
15. Payout percent 96

“Gold n Gems” is one more video slot with a never-ending story – gold-digging, or in this case, treasure digging, because there are many valuable things down in the mine.

Before you start, decide what kind of game you want to play. There are two options – Five Reels mode and Single Reel mode. 

This video slot is not simple for playing, so before you start, be sure that you’ve read the rules and paytable carefully. 

Concept Gaming, a software provider, designed and developed this video slot. 


“Gold n Gems” takes us deep into the mine, where we can find precious treasure. Mining for gold and other metals and diamonds is the theme of this video slot. It is pretty designed with golden, silver, and bronze bars and colorful gems and lanterns. 

There is a mine shaft behind the reels, and with the joyful music in the background, everything is ready for an underground adventure. 


This video slot is exceptional, and it can have five reels or just one reel. The Player chooses the Five reels mode or Single Reel mode

There are 20 fixed pay lines in Five reels mode, and symbols pay from left to right.

The player sets the bet from 0.20 to 25.00, and that will define the symbol payouts. All wins are paid according to the dynamic paytable

Single reel mode is presented in two different ways – three symbols per row (A) or just one symbol per row on a reel (B). 

In a dynamic paytable, the lowest paying symbols are colorful Lanterns. They pay if there are three, four, or five same symbols on the betway. With the highest wager, blue Lanterns pay 6.25, 25.00, and 37.50, until orange ones pay 12.50, 31.25, and 75.00. The best option between those symbols is the green Lantern, which with the same settings, pays 18.75, 62.50, and 100.00.

Higher-paying symbols are gold, silver, and bronze Bars. As expected, the lowest paying are bronze Bars – 50.00, 93.75, and 250.00, then silver – 125.00, 312.50, and 625.00, and in the end, the highest paying is the gold Bars symbol – 937.50, 1250.00, and 625.00. Those payouts are for the highest bet. 

In Single Reel mode, all symbols have the same payout values as in Five Reels mode, but for one, two, or three symbols, not three, four, and five. In this mode, there are also Mask symbols that mean no wins. They are losing symbols.


There are two Trails on display, gems Trail on the left and nuggets Trail on the right

In both modes, collecting feature trail symbols – blue gems and gold nuggets fills the Trails, but Single Reel mode works differently. 

When “A” way of Single Reel mode is played, the top and the bottom rows display losing symbols and the top leaves for Right Trail and the bottom leaves for Left Trail. The middle row also shows losing symbols and 1, 2, and 3 gems or nuggets symbols. 

In B way, each symbol (except for the losing symbol) wins the prize or increases each Trail. 

According to the paytable, in Five Reels mode, three gems or nuggets symbols increase feature trail by one position, four symbols for two positions, and five symbols for three positions. In Single Reel mode, one, two, or three symbols increase feature trail by 1, 2, or 3 positions. 

Once a feature trail bonus has been achieved, it will become highlighted, and players can take the bonus at any time by clicking on it. When the top of either trail is reached, the bonus will automatically play, and the trail will reset to zero. 

The Right Feature Trail has three levels – the first one brings Gold Rush, the second level offers Super Gold Rush, and the third level starts Mega Gold Rush.

As the player progresses from Gold Rush to Super Gold Rush and Mega Gold Rush, the prizes increase in each game, and the player can choose to accept or decline the prize offer. If the prize offer is declined, three prize boxes will be removed, and a new prize offer, which can be higher or lower than the first, will be given. The player can do this until the last box when the prize is automatically awarded. 

There are also three levels on the Left Feature Trail – first triggers 10 Bonus Spins, second Super 10 Bonus Spins, and the third Mega 10 Bonus Spins

During Bonus Spins, Super Bonus Spins, and Mega Bonus Spins features some combinations of symbols or symbols by themselves bring the wins according to the paytable. Winning symbols can be on any middle row position to win in both Five Reels and Single Reel mode. 

In the Bonus Spins feature, there is a yellow Wild symbol in this feature that can substitute for any symbol

Super Bonus Spins feature has blue Wilds. One Wild symbol multiplies the win by 2, and two Wilds multiply the win by 4.

Any green Wild symbol in the Mega Bonus Spins feature multiplies the win by 3, and two Wilds multiply it by 9

Feature wins are automatically added to the balance. 

There is also a Scatter symbol in the “Gold n Gems” video slot – gold BONUS symbol. 

In Five Reels mode, five of those symbols anywhere start the Bonus Wheel. This feature is triggered with 3 three Scatters in Single Reel mode. 

In the Bonus Wheel feature, the player can instantly win any of the trail bonuses


This video slot is an interesting game with many paying symbols and special features that can help the player grab some wins. 

One more interesting but also different feature from many other slots on the market is changing the mode and having just one reel instead of five. 

Be prepared before you start! This video slot is more complex than many others. When you are ready, just take a spin and find your treasure! 

The Return to player in this video slot is 96,00%, but the variance is low. “Gold n Gems” is a mobile-friendly game. 

by Marija Cosic

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