Alaskan Fishing

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1 Reels 5
2. Paylines 243
3. Progressive No
4. Maximum coins 243
5. Jackpot 1250
6. Maximum jackpot in coins 500
7. Multiplier Yes
8. Scatter symbol Yes
9. Free Spins Yes
10. Betting range from $0.3 up to $75
11. Coin Bet Range from $0.01 up to $2.5
12. Coins per line 1
13. Bonus Game Yes
14. Wild symbol Yes
15. Payout percent 96.63

Alaskan Fishinig Review

Have you ever wanted to travel to the Alaskan wilderness, and fish for salmon, trout, and other fish? Unfortunately, Alaska is not the most accessible place, and many people find that they cannot make the trek to the frozen tundra. However, with Microgaming’s new slot Alaskan Fishing, you can experience the beauty and grandeur of fishing in the Alaskan wilderness from the comfort of your own home. The graphics are high quality and eye-catching, and the game play will leave you hooked sooner than you can catch a fish. This uniquely themed game is sure to please everyone who tries it. 

Basic Features

This slot is unique in that while it follows the now modernly traditional online slot format, but has an astonishing 243 different pay lines that change with the slots. This gives players an abundance of ways to win, its almost as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Players will then set the value of the coins that they will be using, which can be set within the range of $0.01 and $0.50. It is a low stakes slot, and does not require much money upfront from players. The minimum amount of coins which can be bet per spin is 30 coins, while the maximum is 300 coins. 

All of the symbols of this slot follow the idea of the beauty of the natural Alaskan landscape, and the animals within it. There is a majestic bald eagle with a fish in it’s talons, a grizzly bear with a fish in its mouth, a fishing reel, a hook with feather bait, an airplane, three fish, a water wheel, a fisher, a trophy, the trout jumping out of the water, and the Alaskan Fishing icon. 

Bonus Features

The wild symbol is exceptionally to pick out of the bunch, as it says Wild in big letters with fish around the word. The wild will replace any other symbol on the reels in order to provide a winning combination. 

There is no scatter, seeing as there are 243 different ways in which players can win money and make combinations. The water wheel, on the other hand, acts as the free spins symbol. If players can spin at least 3 of these symbols, the free spins feature is activated. Under this feature players receive 15 free spins, and all wins are doubled during this time. Depending on how many water wheels are showing, players will also receive a bonus on the winnings they won with the free spins activation. With three wheels players win a 5 times multiplier, with four wheels a 10 times multiplier, and with five wheels a 100 times multiplier. 

The final bonus symbol is the fisherman, who activates the fly fishing bonus. With this bonus, players will have to choose five different locations to sent their hook, hoping to catch a bonus. The range of the bonus winnings spans from a 2 times multiplier to a 15 multiplier. The fly fishing bonus is activated by spinning a fisherman on both reels one and five.


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