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Bovada Casino Awards Six Figures on Caribbean Hold'em


When most players think of progressive jackpots, they think of big progressive slots that pay out six-, seven- and even eight-figure wins to lucky players who hit the right winning combination at the right time. For the most recent progressive winner at Bovada Casino, the win came in the form of a table game instead. The Caribbean Hold'em progressive jackpot was triggered by one lucky player who took down a six-figure win for his efforts.

About the Big Jackpot

The lucky winner's name is Jacob, and he's from the state of California in the United States. The jackpot was worth $106,858.88, and it came on Caribbean Hold'em, a casino poker game that's a single-player variation of the most popular poker game in the world, Texas hold'em. The basic idea of the game is that you're given five cards, if you you hit a royal flush in your five cards, which is about 650,000:1 against, then you win the progressive jackpot.

How Caribbean Hold'em Works

Caribbean Hold'em is a game that has a bit of strategy involved with it because you have to decide how to play your own hand in a way that gives you the best chances of winning against the dealer. Simultaneously, you have to weigh the odds of your hand winning between the different ways you have to play your hand, and this adds a strategic element. Winning the progressive jackpot is all luck, however, and you have to get the best hand available in poker to do it, but it's a fun game regardless that combines elements of both skill-based titles like poker and luck-based games like online slots.

About Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is one of the most popular online casinos for US players, and it features a great selection of games from multiple software providers. They have lots of different ways for players to get in on the action and win massive payouts, and this is evident from the fact that a player just took down a six-figure jackpot on a casino poker game. This online casino has done a great job of giving players lots of options for slots, table games and other types of titles, and they even have poker and sports betting options as well. Overall, this is a great example of a one-stop shop for all of your online betting needs, and it's cool to see everything in one place that a player might want to enjoy.

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