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Big $73,000 Let Em Ride Winner at Bovada Casino


When the new year started last week, everyone made their resolutions. A lot of players had a resolution to pull down a big win in their favorite online casino games. A player who goes by Eric M. might have already met his resolution within the first week of 2016 by picking up a solid win worth $73,495 on the Let 'Em Ride table game.

Previous Big Wins

Eric M. is no stranger to big wins. Last year, he picked up a whooping $163,632 in the exact same game. This seems to be his favorite game, and we can't blame him. Let 'Em Ride combines the skill and strategy of both casino poker and video poker, and this gives it a unique flavor that certain types of players absolutely love. There's enough luck involved in this game that you can nail a big win even if you don't play perfectly, but for players who are really into the strategic type of title, it's a great example of that specific variety of gameplay.

Starting the Year Off Right

Big wins are the way to start the year off right. It's looking like 2016 is going to be the biggest year for online gambling of all types combined, and even though specific types of games like online poker might be suffering a bit, the industry is up as a whole. Because of this, we expect to see lots of major winners all over the place over the next 12 months. Eric M. has started this trend off in the very first week of the year, and we'll be sure to report on lots of other big winners.

The Bovada Effect

Something that Bovada Casino is really good about is making sure that they have a variety of games from different providers for their players. This is a very inclusive mentality that gives players a lot of different options, so no matter what you like to play, even if it's multiple types of games, you'll be covered. Eric M. has found this out with his love for Let 'Em Ride, and it goes for people who enjoy all other types of games as well like slots, blackjack, video poker, scratch offs and more. Bovada is a very inclusive place to play, and that's why they have such a diverse base of players.

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by Jesse Jesse


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