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Six Figures Won on A Night With Cleo at Ignition Casino


A Night With Cleo is a video slot that has been out since November of 2016, and in the months it has been available, it has been a big hit with players. An Ignition Casino fan from Massachusetts, USA, was able to take down a six-figure jackpot in this game to the tune of $116,902. This is a pretty tremendous payout by any standard.

How Roy Hit the Big One

The lucky player's name is Roy, and he nailed it big time with the progressive jackpot on the A Night With Cleo slot. His bet size was just $5 per spin, and he turned that into over 20,000 times his initial wager with a pretty tremendous prize. This is a life-changing win for most players, and we're sure that Roy is extremely happy about taking down such a fat jackpot.

About A Night With Cleo

There are a ton of Egyptian-themed online slots out there, and this one tries to stand out by having a bit more of an adult vibe. You're actually trying to disrobe Cleopatra piece by piece in this slot. Whether this is exciting, humorous or offensive really depends on the person, but the fact remains that it has a sizable top progressive jackpot, and the game has been getting a ton of attention since first being released late last year. Players are looking to see Cleo take it off while they run up their account balance in any case.

About Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is one of the most popular sites running today to accept US players. They offer a variety of games, including plenty that have progressive jackpots. It seems like they have new winners in the news every month, and those payouts come on a lot of different types of games from slots to more traditional table games. It's clear that no matter how you prefer to play, this is an online casino that has somethiing that will work out well for you and give you a great time.


Press Release, Massachusetts Player Triggers Progresive Jackpot at Ignition Casino, May 30, 2017

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